Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Week that Ended....27 Mar '16

Wow what a busy old week. I guess it is expected as we are now moving into the election Period which official starts next week. We have been out with our newsletter and it has gone down really well and thank you for all the nice comments and support that people are saying.

Also a big well done to our sports team. A big win for the Warriors beating our arch rivals St.Helens in the Good Friday Derby. Also the Latics had a good win at Swindon and with Burton drawing with Oldham it is getting better for the Latics getting automatic promotion.

Making a Different

We, Standish Independents, are making a true different to Standish. As well as defending you in the Council Chamber and voting for no houses and other measures we are making a true different.

This week we saw the first site that we have improved and brightened up. The story is here. The residents that live near absolutely love it and also people that past it have also said they like it and put forward other areas to improve and we, Standish Independents, have now pledged that we will improve those too.

Also people made comments about the litter in Standish and the progresses situation getting worse. With that we said we would do a community litter pick. We organised that for yesterday and here is that story. It was great to meet new people and getting an improvement done for the Village but we need people not to drop it in the first place and to get the council to get their staff in Standish to keep it clean. Many people who have lived in Standish for some time will remember that we had a road sweeper gentleman in the Village. He was commonly known as Tommy Brush. Tommy being his name and brush because he kept the village clean. Resident s have been saying we should get one of them back and we will be asking the Council. What a great idea by residents.


It is disturbing that both Doctors and Teachers are going to go on Strike. In 2010 the Tories that won a power sharing government with the Lib Dems and they had to cut the debt. They were always going to be tough cuts - whoever got in. However since the Tories won an outright power in last year's General Election they are now on their own path and that is to hit Doctors with this new contract and also teachers with the pledge that they will be making all schools - both Primary and Secondary schools go to Academies. Teachers, with parents, should decide if they want to go down that route and not be forced. It is very dangerous what the Tories are doing to the Health and Education systems.


Now that Easter is here those that gave up things for lent can start doing those things again. I was partial to a can of pop or two and i gave those up and now don't have any desire to start again. So well done to all those that made it thorough.

I hope you all have a great Easter Holiday and Happy Easter to you all.

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