Sunday, 6 March 2016

The week that ended.....06 March '16

Happy mother Day to all the mums out there.

Another week comes and goes and this has been a busy old week. So I promised that I would be announcing some improvements to Stand that we have got. The first one was we will be having Xmas lights this year in the middle of the Village Centre. I wrote about it here this week and here is that story.

Also we have been getting more and more results in from the Standish High Consultation in. I don't want to say, which way results are leading to as I don't want to drive things one way or another. I want to see what you want and think. Here is the link to that survey if you have not completed it yet, or get the yellow consultation cards back to us as soon as.

I have been out and about and it's always good to catch up with friends and people in the Village and hear their thoughts. One gentleman said if Wigan Council are considering 3 new sets of traffic lights then they should put them up as temp lights first and they can see how it wouldn't work before they spend the money.

Many that know me hate the PC brigade, that's the Political Correctness lot. This week they call for Rugby to become contact less at school. I played it as a lad and my eldest also plays it, in fact he had a game today with St Pats, the team he plays for and they had a great game. One lad was badly injured and had to go to Hospital but he will be back fighting fit in a couple of weeks and the sport has contact and tackles in. The idea of making school age kids play tick Rugby is just a nonsense. Al sports come with a risk.

Mid week we had the all important Budget meeting. The Tory Cllrs said what a great Labour budget it was and voted for it. Crazy! But one thing that is strange is that Labour Cllr Nigel Ash spent the whole meeting watching the Liverpool and City game on his Council ipad. That should not be allowed. One thing that I oppose with Labour budget is the fact that they take the vast majority out of Standish and spend it in other Wards. Standish should not be allowed to a cash cow for Labour deprived area. Also I oppose the £10m that a Developer is getting to build a road/ decontaminate some land that they got for £1. The Council meetings can get quite bad with people calling others silly names but this one wasn't too bad. the next one is the last before the Local Elections and I wouldn't expect the same for that. No doubt Labour will be saying how they will win Standish. After their last Cllr Emma McGurrin who went to jail for her fiddling of her expenses, Standish will not forget  - nor forgive - them for that.

Labour had spent 000's on refurbishing the Council chamber by painting it gold. Maybe they should stop spending money like that and keep front line services.

We saw a morning of the first snow this year and whilst we should be moving into Spring the snow pops up. The Council did get out a grit the roads and the snow didn't cause to much disruption to people.

Finally I am hearing the Hotel group that was going to lease Haigh Hall and turn it into a Spa Hotel have pulled out because of the state of the Hall and how much in bad disrepair it is. Here is that story.

So on with another week and let's see what happens.

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