Sunday, 27 March 2016

Standish Train Station

So on a Facebook page, Standish Then and Now, I posted a picture of the Old Standish Train Station. It has a lot of comments and likes so I thought I would write a little about it.

So the station was situated on Rectory Lane and when you go under the bridge you will see the bricked up entrance.

The station was opened in 1838 and closed in May 1948. The trains you could go to was between Crewe and Carlisle. I have called for it to be opened in the past and also in committees in the town Hall. One of those times was August 2014. The response from Wigan Council was that Network Rail will not allow for it to be re-opened because it will slow the High Speed Trains on the main west Coast Line. I can see the argument to some degree but Wigan council are looking to get Golborne Train Station opened. That is on the same line as Standish so why does that not slow trains down?

I do believe that there is a real opportunity for Station because what not a lot of people will realise is that there is an old coal line at the side of main line. This is certainly the case at Bradley too, so the trains could pull into that line whilst the high speed trains passed if the true argument is it would slow high speeds trains. We will keep pushing Wigan council to push for this train station to be re-opened. there is a field that could be bought from the land owner for a car park.

I also believe that it would well be used as well because a lot of people, like myself, that work in Manchester, have to park at either Gathurst or Appley Bridge and catch the train there. Those stations are well used and some of those people would use the Standish Station as the trains are full on that line.

We will keep up the good fight to get this station opened again.

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