Sunday, 6 March 2016

Haigh Hall Plans fail...

Wigan Council top brass hate how I get tipped off by stuff and then i expose it to you, the public. So last year Wigan Council said they would be leasing out Haigh Hall to a hotel group. As part of this deal Wigan Council would pump millions of tax payers money into the deal. This would then allow Haigh Hall to become a spa hotel.

At the beginning of the year people were complaining about the state of the Car Park as it has been ripped up and left. I then heard a rumour that the company had run out of money for the venture. I wasn't sure this was true.

However, I have been tipped off my one of my reliable sources within the Council this weekend that the Company has pulled out because of the state of Haigh Hall building itself. I am also hearing that there are no top floors left in the building as they have rotten away. Wigan Council should now put out a statement if this is true and then they need to stop and rethink the whole thing. I am not saying scrapping the hotel idea but if this is true then Wigan Council try and find another company quick that Company will get the Hall for a song just because Wigan Council will be trying desperately to save face.

I have written to the Council and asked for a full update on this matter. The thing hasn't even started and it looks like Wigan Council has failed to deliver again.

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