Saturday, 19 March 2016

Wigan Council now Blackmail the electorate at the next election

The Popular
Cllr Bob Brierley -
Hindley Green ward.
I have written many times on this blog about how corrupt Wigan Council is. It is also the same old saying give them an inch they'll take a mile. I say this because it is is fair to say that Labour clash with challenging Cllrs who expose or scrutinise their dealings.

One such Cllr is Hindley Green's popular Independent Cllr bob Brierley. In the latest of illegal moves Wigan Council have found him guilty, Sorry I should say Labour committee has found him guilty of swearing, allegedly, he denies this. In a hearing where Cllr Brierley wasn't present because of illness labour went ahead without him.

So they find him guilty - which they always were in their own corrupt bent way. However, they have now said that if he is re-elected in May they will not allow him to put forward community or environmental schemes for Brighter Borough schemes. Brighter Borough is a pot of money that each Cllrs is allowed to put schemes forward to the value of £6,000. This is now Wigan Council blackmailing the electorate - which is illegal. What gets me is that they think that they would get away with this. Vote Labour and you get them to put forward community and environmental projects vote independent and they can't.

Cllr Bob Brierley has asked for my help and we have written to the electorate commission this evening asking them to investigate Wigan Council biased and illegal dealings. 

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