Monday, 7 March 2016

Land gets a make over in Standish

Land before any works carried out - Smalley Street
We have residents living in Bramley Court, Smalley Street and Bradley Lane have complained about the state of the land near their homes. This land is also passed by many residents going into the Village Centre. The land has been neglected, looks tired and let go.

So we have worked with the Council and this land will be getting a make over shortly. Funding will come from our Brighter Borough funds.

As well as the bank that has eroded will be returned to a safe but nice state with grass on it. Three flower barrels will be located there along with some bulb planting on there too.

We believe that this will make the area look a lot better and residents will appreciate more than the sorry state that it has been let to get in this state. We will keep you updated on this and we look forward to the work being carried out and another area will look better.

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