Friday, 23 October 2020

What is going on?

Tier 3 pantomime 

So this week we went into tier 3 of this so-called lockdown. This was after 10 days of going back and forth between Andy Burnham and the Government. Everyone had accepted this was going to happen but yet these two idiots were just arguing how was going to put us in it.

In the end, Boris had had enough and called it a day and you have to accept this would need to happen. But the Government had wanted u to have £22m and Andy Burham wanted £100m. They had agreed £60m then Andy Burnham apparently went back to the Council leaders and they wanted a further £5m. The Government response was no that's it! So then when it was all the media and Boris was going to announce the deal was dead Andy popped up just before him on the street in Manchester and then when trying to blame the Government one of his little helpers, or puppet masters, popped along and showed his phone and showed him their phones and he is like they are just telling me now on social media etc, when it came out that he knew hours before his little impromptu press call. Own Goal there.

I get that he wanted to get the best deal - very subjective the word best what is best? - anyway, when he knew that was the end of the road he should have done what the Labour Major did in South Yorkshire the following day and said I wanted more but this was the most we could get so we will have to take it. 

Everyone knew we were going to go into Tier 3 but Boris and Andy were just to busy trying to blame the other for putting us in it. Andy kept harping on about bouncers and taxi drivers, what about airline pilots, airline staff, the ground crew at Manchester Airport, travel agents and other jobs and industry's that are suffering from this? He didn't mention them!

So the government said they will review it in 28 days and I doubt we will see an inside of the pub this side of Xmas and whilst all this is going on Tory MP's are voting to stop kids getting free kids in the school holidays whilst taking a pay rise themselves. Talk about one rule for one and another for them. It is shocking. No wonder people have had enough.

Episode 3 of season 1,

New Podcast

Tier 3, Andy Burnham and how not to negotiate, Labour Complaining, Trump and Labour Cllr Steve Hellier on this issue.


Friday, 28 August 2020

New Podcast and Vlog Channel

 So the Blog has been going well for over a decade and with new media being popular I have started a podcast and Vlog on Youtube Channel - The Political Pie-Eater.

The podacast channel is here

The First Episode is now on youtube and the podcast channel check it out and let me know what you think.

The Blog will still take place but on single item articles etc 

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Operation Floret - concludes


So many readers on here will be aware of the complaint I put into Greater Manchester Police (GMP) about their dodgy corrupt police officers who colluded with Ex-Chief Executive Donna Hall, who was ultimately sacked by Wigan Council on a course of action of harassment and political cleansing that Putin would be proud of.  For those that are not aware of the complaint see the original post here. 

So GMP initially did a review of mine and then another complaint and found the allegations so damming and true that they then complied a report to send to the IOPC, who then, in turn, advised that a new officer without prior knowledge of the case could now carry out the internal investigation. So they got Officer J into this. Not only did he not do any kind of investigation he did very little. Apart from finding the officers not guilt in the official report - although he had told me numerous officers had in meetings - of which I obviously still have the recordings of the meetings.

That said the official report confirms that everything that I complained of took place. All the colluding and corruption. For some reason, he split his response to me into two reports. Possibly to try and limit how I can send this now over to the IOPC. Which will be their choice if they what they do.

I now have the second and final report and what is interesting that level of conclusion and harassment that GMP investigation goes where they confirm the disgraced ex-chief executive of Wigan Council Donna Hall took whilst in her post and colluded with key integral members of Standish Voice to try and get rid of me. 

The reason why she would want to get rid of me and cleanse me and others is simply - we challenged the corrupt Wigan Council and their actions. Like how I was the McKenzie Friend for Steve jones when Donna Hall tried to unlawfully sack him, which I was integral in helping to keep his seat, but also keeping democracy by getting not one, but 2 High Court Judges on the Queen's bench to lambast Donna Hall in her actions.  

we know from a document that was left on a photocopier in Wigan Town Hall that Labour strategy is to infiltrate, run, and control residents groups in the borough and here we have Standish Voice as the same. But also one of their key integral member interviewed and part of a corrupt police investigation. Doesn't surprise me. 

What does surprise me somewhat is the level of collusion that Wigan Council ran this campaign of hate with Donna Hall getting the legal team to do her dirty work and getting the now. Chief Executive of Wigan Council Alison McKenzie-Folan running around gossiping to others like a little girl on a school playground about it all and telling lies.

So where I will be sending all my evidence to the IOPC, inc my recordings of the meetings and emails between me and the so-called investigating officer who at best took a guided tour. But we will see how the IOPC now views.

Many have asked about a book and I have always kept quiet, as I was aware that a book is being written about the whole corruption thing, with Donna Hall, Wigan Council and her dodgy friend(s at GMP, but as it has been leaked that I am helping the Author I can confirm that I have seen a significant part of the book and the author is certainly not holding back on any punches and whilst in a very early stage a TV drama is also being discussed - but I suspect this will be after the book.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Where is Labour Cllr Stephen Hellier

So Labour has over the years called those that do not live in Wigan and rightly so too. We had 2 Lib Dems move to Oz and they hadn't resigned as Cllrs. They should have resigned before emigrating. But when one of their Cllrs did the same thing nothing. Then Labour had another Cllr move to Ireland and didn't resign. Labour didn't have an issue with this. 

Now we have another Wigan Labour Cllr Stephen Hellier who is still receiving his Cllrs allowance but he doesn't live in Wigan nor Great Manchester is being reported. Some say he has moved to Yorkshire and other suggestions he has moved abroad. 

Each Cllr are entitled to a life and if they want to move to a different part of the country or world that is their right but what they cannot do is represent their constituents. So they should not be getting their  Cllrs allowance.

Labour Cllr Stephen Hellier received £15,445.98 last year and is the Chairman of the Planning Committee plus the Chairman of the Licencing and regulations committee. These positions gain him extra allowances on top of the basic allowance that Cllrs normally receive. 

I understand that he has been contacted via the phone for comment and he refused to answer the simple question on whether he lived in Wigan or not. Instead, he said to email in and he would get the Town Hall to respond. Bizarre, the press dept at Wigan Council work for the council officers and not individual politicians. Is this yet more evidence of how Labour mistreat the rules and your taxpayer's money. Why would he not answer a simple question do you in in the ward or not? Not that hard or secret of a question.

So I will ask the Town Hall for their response and if they believe it is right that Wigan Taxpayers pay for a Cllr who cannot help constituents, nor lives in the borough. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Operation Floret update

For many that normally read this blog you will be wanting an update on the operation Floret. I know this as many have emailed and made comments on social media asking where it is up to. Also as one post stated, if Gareth Fairhurst is quiet on the topic it is no doubt because he is nailing some to the cross, which I found funny.

Operation Floret is the investigation by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) into corrupt officers and council officials. My first post was about what the dodgy bent coppers and what Donna Hall had done. That blog post is here. Then I did an update here earlier in the year. Gee, that seems so long ago and with the pandemic, it seems a whole different age.

So, where are we up to I hear you shout? Well after the December meeting that I had with the senior police officer in December of last year it was clear that he was trying to line me up that it was going to come back with a result that I would describe as a whitewash. After months of doing nothing on the case I mean he did nothing at all, I had my first part of my report back and if it was not a serious matter it would be laughable. I am now able to confirm that I have made a number of complaints to GMP during this time about this senior officer that was investigating the dodgy coppers that he was either doing a cover-up or inept of being able to do the work and for me, the report shows this is certainly the case. I can't go into too many details for a number of reasons I now have the opportunity to send the whole case to the IOPC and show why not only I felt this way, but can clearly use the report to evidence the officer wasn't up to the job. The report contradicts itself numerous times and leaves blanks all over the place. I have carried out a synopsis and sent it to my legal team to review as the bent dodgy coppers will not get away from it that easily.

What is interesting I had learned also that Donna Hall didn't only waste half a million pounds on the Steve jones case where she unlawfully tried to sack a democratically elected member until a High Court stopper her. But she also used her position as Chief Executive Council to get monitored CCTV, floodlighting panic alarms rigged to the police, which were all installed at her house at the taxpayer's expense and used taxpayers funds to get a Barrister to sue me, which she failed. All of this has cost the wigan taxpayers and an additional £100,000, so I am informed. Now before we go further this is the woman that complained of her tyres on her car were slashed 6 times and her bins gone threw. But she had no proof of any of this. Now as I have said before if you have you slashed once you would be mad, twice livid, a third time if you have not already you would have CCTV cameras on your car all the time. she alleges this was meant to have happened in 2014 but she waited 4 years to report it to the police. She had no evidence at all that any of her allegations were even true but yet GMP bent coppers have cost us all know to the tune of £1 million pounds in her phony false baseless allegations against me and 3 others.

She also had the staff including what I am lead to believe a Council solicitor running around after her and meddling in a criminal investigation, which is against the code of solicitors. I have written to the Council about this and they fail to get back to me and I will take the next appropriate action against that council officer.

After a national newspaper article I have been contacted about helping do a book on the whole thing which I am in discussions with. So watch this space.

So, the top and bottom of it GMP find themselves not guilty of being dodgy even though their report shows this. I am sure GMP wouldn't have thought for one minute that this would be the end of it and they have confirmed to me already this morning that there are things missing out of the report and they will be sending me more later. If things are missing and they admit to it it just goes to demonstrate evidence the inept and capacity to do the work in the first place.

Monday, 8 June 2020

The US should respect the mutal respect agreement

So today we have learnt that the Federal prosecutors have formally asked for Prince Andrew to help and assist their criminal inquiries into Jeffrey Epstein. I am sure many will know about the horrendous crimes that Epstein did and was convicted off and why he was in jail. I also do not believe that Prince Andrew should avoid helping the investigation.

The Federal Prosecutors are now asking formally under a mutual agreement that they get help from Prince Andrew. I am unclear if that means he has to go there or they come here.

But we in the Uk are equally outraged that Harry Dunn killer is hiding in the USA and the UK have asked for the US to return her to the UK? They refuse! The difference between Harry Dunn's killer and Prince Andrew is not wanted on any charges they want to interview him as a witness. We want their citizen as a suspect. It is not right that Anne Sacoolas escapes but yet the US think we just jump to their requests.

What I believe is that most people will say if Prince Andrew wants to and is going to help the Federal Prosecutors in the US they have to return their citizen first. If they want access to Prince Andrew under the Mutual agreement the keyword it mutual and it works both ways and not just one way.

Please sign the petition here