Monday, 18 July 2016

Wigan Council strike off 2 planning apps for Standish

Tomorrow Wigan Council was due to discuss and vote on 2 planning applications for Standish. These 2 total yet another 200 houses approx for Standish and will take it the total to nearly 2000 houses for Standish.

However, I have made a complaint some weeks ago about Ray Whittingham and if he is allowed to sit on the committee due to him getting funding from a Standish Developer in his election campaign. Wigan Council have confirmed that they are investigating this but had not come back to me yet. This morning I sent an email asking, and reminding them of this, and then this afternoon the head of planning and the Chair of Planning Committee decided not to hear the 2 planning applications tomorrow. I hear this is due to the ongoing investigation and we have asked for clarification as I cannot not see why the whole process should not be heard tomorrow.

Although the recommendation were to allow the 2 applications the Cllrs could have refused them as requested by myself and the 2 other Standish Independent Cllrs. Now the applicant can apply to the planning inspector to decide whether to allow these allow these applications or not. That would take money yet again out of Standish because if the decision is determined by the inspector the developer pays less fees.

We are against both of these applications and that is why we called them into the planning committee to decide and the planning committee were going to hear from Cllr George Fairhurst tomorrow on why to turn them down but now they will not hear that and allow the developer to go direct to the planning inspector unless they decide to give Wigan council more time.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More homes for Standish

We have had now a number of years battling housing development in Standish. Wigna Council and Labour (who controls the council) say that they restricted developments for Standish at 1000 houses but yet here we are with two more housing applications for Standish going before the Planning Committee and the recommendation is to pass both of these next week. That will take the housing coming to Standish not far off the 2000 mark, which I said that Labour and the Council will allow in the election.

This is yet again Labour and Wigan Council lying to the people of Standish and selling Standish out. and why? Because they will get yet more millions for them. this money will be taken out of Standish and put into areas of Deprivation where Labour has Cllr. This to me is daylight robbery as we need the money in Standish if we have to have all of these houses put on us.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Is the Labour Party about to split?

With the Tories now underway with their own Leadership campaign, now that David Cameron has confirmed he will be quitting, Labour are imploding. The Labour MP have all said they are against Jeremy Corbyn, apart from 40 of them.

The Labour MP's have now voted a motion of no confidence in their leader and it is looking more like Labour will be also having their own Leadership elections. The question will be, will Jeremy Corbyn be on the ballot paper as there is a debate on whether the current leader can just go on or if he also need 53 Labour MP names to support him. If he needs the later then he would struggle. So straight of there could be legal challenges by either side of the situation.

Then if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Leader election again, voted by the members of the Labour party, will all the Labour MP's quit the party? For me if Jeremy wins how could all the Labour MP just go back to Westminster and carry on as normal. There is talk that they will have to leave the Labour party and form their own Party. This has happened when 4 Labour MP's in the 80's left and started the SDP party, which merged with the liberals. So could this happen again?

One thing is for sure it is a fight between old and new Labour and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Shevington Primary Schools Consultation

So Wigan Council are now carrying out a consultation to reduce the number of primary schools in Shevington. Here is the link to that document.

Many believe it is obvious that the school that the Council will close is Shevington Community School on Miles Lane, Shevington. They believe this because the Council has put out a press release and just talking down their numbers.

At a recent meeting for parents and their Cllrs, all 3 District Cllrs, said that they were fighting to save ALL 3 primary schools (Shevington Vale, Shevington Community and Millbrook. Great news! However since that meeting Cllr Paul Collins has emailed the Parish Council and says that the Councillors are now not looking to save all schools. This is shocking! If they tell parents they are then they should do what they say and if they have changed their minds they should tell parents.

In the email Cllr Collins says, and I quote, "

As a governor on the federation I was in a position of possible conflict of interest and legal issues so made an appropriate response when called by reporters at the time.  However since the article was written I have stepped aside from the governing body in order to maintain impartiality and remove any possible conflicts of interest.
My colleagues and I have held several meetings, with parents and residents from all of the affected schools and will be meeting with officers amongst other activities and methods of raising awareness and encouraging anyone with an interest to participate in the consultation. We will be taking the position not to protect all of our schools and can report back to the community once we have more information from our enquiries"

Interesting last line. I now believe the 3 District should tell all 3 schools parents what their position is and not to string them along.

I have also heard that the school to close could well be Shevington Vale. The doctors at Shevington are buying the clinic next door and knocking that down for extra car parking places and then they will move the clinic into the Shevington Community School. The Council could move the children from Vale to Community - after building 2 new classrooms, then sell then the land at Shevington Vale for houses as it is in the middle of a housing estate and probably meet less resistance for development.

The uncertain the council is now allowing to happen is worrying for these parents and children of Shevington Vale and Community and therefore it should be the case that the council now comes clean with their intention.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Make Parliament recognize EU Referendum Vote

If you believe in democracy please sign the petition

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?
My petition:
Recognise democracy on EU Referendum
The EU Referendum was a hard fought battle on both sides but Parliament now recognise that it was a legal vote and now we must accept it and move forward with no second vote or other complications to hold, or delay, this issue up for UK.

Mandate must stand!

Now we know the outcome of the EU referendum is the Country getting silly? We know are seeing numerous petitions saying to have another referendum, call for another General Election and then get MP's elected who will ignore the vote and not start the Brexit process.

The first thing we need to do is recognise democracy! Whether people like the result or not there was a vote decided. Each vote counted as one vote and now when I hear the argument that younger people are upset that the older generations took us out. So what is that saying? That younger people's votes count for more than older people's vote? That is crazy. If the younger generation were not happy they should have been working to get their generation out and vote. For what ever reason they didn't.

The SNP are saying that now they have the vote they should have another referendum. Really? Did they not know that this referendum was on the cards because the Tory's always said that it was on the cards if they won power. On that basis they knew that there could be a change and they voted to stay in the UK.

David Cameron said he will stay on as the PM for the time and then get a new leader for the Tory's. Then that person will have to work the process for Brexit through. Some are calling for another General Election and that way they could change the PM again. That is crazy again!

No matter what people thoughts are on the vote or state of the parties the people have voted and decided and therefore the mandate has been given and now must happen otherwise when people don't get their own way a call for another vote will be called and we could keep going all day long. I mean what would happen if another referendum were called and it was still Brexit? Would the remain people want another vote?

The best thing that could happen is the 1922 committee in the Tory Party to set out the time frame for their new leader and move forward with it as quickly as possible. I also believe that Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove, Nigel Farage and also Gisela Stuart to be given leadership of the negotiations on Brexit. They are the ones that surely have the mandate to start the conversations with the EU. That will also help EU know that something is happening as they are keen to get rid of us very quickly before the whole EU project falls apart. From a negotiations stand point this has to be a good point to start with us getting a great deal for the UK.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Is this the end of the EU?

Yesterday, Thursday 23/06/2016, the people of the UK went to the polls to decide if they want to remain in the EU or come out. People, inc the Leave camp, thought the Remain camp would win - just! However, I always said that people would keep quiet if they were going to vote out as they didn't want to be classed as a racist. Not that they were but they wouldn't want others to try and put a label on them. So when the polls before the vote where neck and neck I knew there was a large number of people that would not say if they would vote out and say which way they where going to vote.

One of the things that struck me is the fact that there are a number of other EU countries are now calling for their own referendum. Netherlands, Sweden and even Italy. Donald Tusk, President of European Council, said about the result of the UK referendum was that he would be meeting with the other 27 EU Countries to keep them together. It is like the captain of a ship being told that someone has jumped over and then the Captain saying stop others doing the same rather than trying to save the person that has gone overboard.

There now will be a stronger and louder voice in other EU countries for their own referendums and could well be the start of the break up. If this happened then all the fear theories that we would not be able to trade with the EU would not happen.