Friday, 16 February 2018

Wigan Council informed of possible Court Action before Thursday


I am writing this Blog post because after yesterday's massive hearing to grant Steve Jones a Judicial Review.

After speaking with Steve today and also taking our own legal advice today we have now put Wigan Council on formal notice that should they not cancel the By Election by the end of Business on Monday (5pm) then we will considering going back to the High Court and asking for an injunction again to stop the By Election.

Some of you may be saying why? There are a few reason for this - the first one is that the only reason why we were not granted an injunction yesterday was because Donna Hall was not in the Court so let's resolve that matter. The judge was nearly minded anyway to ask her to appear the following day ( today Friday 16th February 2018 ).

However, we have taken our own legal advice with a top leading law firm in London today and they have pointed out a very important point that needs to be considered before Thursday we believe,

Hopefully Donna Hall - who we have written to this evening - along with the head of Legal Services and their Barrister Mr Peter Oldham QC will discuss the matter between them and cancel the by election by the end of business on Monday. That is not only just for us but for all the other candidates and more importantly the electorate.

I write this blog post to address why we may do this next week and also because Wigan Council said we didn't really tell them last time that we were going to take them to court. By emailing them all this evening and also putting it on the blog they cannot say they and others have not been informed.

At this stage we cannot say anything further on the matter until we know what the actions of the Returning Officer and Chief Executive Donna Hall on Monday.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

David Vs Goliath and David Won

Today was the case were Cllr Steve Jones went to the High court and asked a Judge to allow him to apply for a Judicial Review. Also at the same meeting he asked for the Bryn By Election.

The hearing should have lasted just 30 minutes however it went on all day. During the day We argued that Cllr Steve Jones has said he was going to resign in the future, ie about 8 weeks away. He did this whilst suffering a massive spike in his depression. After time to get over that and get a massive wave of support from residents he informed the council that he would not be resigning in the future. Wigan Council went bad and said well we are saying you have resigned and called a by election, effectively sacking him as an elected member.

Wigan Council always said we were wrong with how we were interrupting a number of laws including the Local Government Act 1972. We contested that and I sent the head of Legal Services a letter just days after the matter arose and said lets try and sort this out and don't call a By-Election. They ignored me. In that letter on the 14th I warned them that if they did not respond then we would take them to court.

So today Wigan council must have known they were going to lose as their tried on so many points to get the Mr Justice Tim Kerr to throw the application out. The judge responded to this by saying that I had written to them on the 14th January and not only did they carry on the election they accelerated the process and now the Council are trying to hide behind the fact people have started voted. So the Judge as said he will not stop the by election HOWEVER he has granted permission for Steve Jones to have a judicial review and if he had to rule on it today he would find in favour of Steve Jones - affectingly telling Wigan Council he is still a Cllr.

Wigan Council said that the judge couldn't stop the election because Donna Hall was acting not as a Chief Executive but as a Returning officer which is a separate position to her role as Chief Executive and we were claiming against Wigan Council. After thought and discussion the judge said that Donna Hall should come to court and because the time was so close to the By election he would not order her before then as it was to close but would want her there on the judicial review. I really wouldn't want to be Donna Hall facing this High court Judge.

At the end the judge said that the election should not have been started and or stopped earlier.He said that Wigan council choose to spend the £10,000 so far on this by-election knowing that it was coming to court. They choose to ignore the high court application. I guess they did this at their peril because the Judge said a council and returning Officer should only ever advertise when a vacancy has come available and in the case of Steve Jones in his opinion he hadn't resign. He came to that conclusion after reading all the emails and dates to and from Steve Jones and Wigan Council and myself. He said that I a lay person on the street , if they read them, they would agree that Steve Jones never resigned. See us common folks views do matter.

The barrister who Wigan Council was a very highly respected Barrister from Kings Chambers in London and the judge said his judgement was not against his effects to try and stop this but it was because in effect Wigan Council were in the wrong and should have responded to my email on the 14th January.

So what now? The by-election goes ahead and Steve Jones will continue to fight that and if he wins then he wins. If someone else wins then Steve can then go for a Judicial Review and probably win ( well he would have won today) and then whoever had won would not be the official Cllr because the judgement would rule that Steve never resigned.

The judge left it saying that Donna Hall should write immediately to all candidates and inform them of this judgement. In my it means I Donna hall write to you but I am saying if you win and your name is not Steve Jones then you will be ruled out as a Cllr because Steve Jones has a right to a Judicial Review whereby he has a very high success rate of winning saying he never actually resigned in the first place therefore there should never have been an election. That confirms to us that this by-election has been called illegally.

Steve Jones wants to say a massive thank you to all those how has supported him and like the judge says the people who voted him in in 2016 should not be denied their Cllr.

There will be communication between myself and Steve with the Barrister for Wigan Council and Wigan Council and hopefully collectively we can resolve this mess.

Donna Hall must seriously  consider her position and if she doesn't quit now be sacked because now her position has become untenable! Her illegal actions ( in my view) have now cost Wigan Taxpayers about £100,000. She is on £200,000 plus a year take some of the money back of her!

At the end the barrister for Wigan Council tried to get permission to appeal the judges judgement. The judge said  no because they had very little success of winning.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Justice will be heard

As many know that follow politics in Wigan and or read this blog I have been helping Steve Jones on getting a judicial review on whether what Wigan Council did was legal or not.

It has been a steep learning curve and a lot of hard work however I can confirm that Mr Justice Kerr has now invited all parties to a hearing on Thursday Morning and to hear, as an urgent item, an injunction on Bryn By Election.

We put in two applications to the Royal Courts and one was for a Judicial Review and the other was to suspend/ cancel the by election until after the Judicial Review has been heard. On Thursday it is the later which Mr Justiice Kerr will be considering.

Given the importance of this case it is monumental for us to get to this point in itself and if we win on Thursday the Judge May if he agrees with us wil. suspend the By Election until after the Judicial Revuew has been heard.

Steve is very happy that his case is going to be heard and we want justice for Steve and this illegal by election to be stopped. Steve will be continuing to campaigning until we know for sure that the by election.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Labour want equality but don't want it for white men

OK so before the PC looney left start shouting racist etc read the damn post.

So it wasn't that long ago - well a couple of weeks when the Looney Left Labour Party said white people had to pay for a conference they were holding. In the end the correct authorities and said this discriminated against white people by charging them more. So after that you would have thought they would have learnt their lesson - o no.

Now as you can see from the poster they are want equality for all - good so far until you read the poster and then realise that actually white men cannot attend. So the Labour Party don't care about White men do they not? This is just the type of looney left PC barmby brigade that drives hatred and divides people and groups. How on earth do they think white men would respond to their views that they didn't care for them? They didn't want them? Do they think they should just slope off tail between their legs? No they should stand up to this kind of discrimination and fight back. And this is what this blog post is doing fighting back for true equality.

It was also not long ago a part of the Labour Party Students in Liverpool what the Queen killed.  At that tweet I said they should be thrown into the tower and locked up and this is yet another example of why Labour should be nowhere near power they have dangerous views that are so communist it is untrue.

I wonder if a a party held a white men conference what the Labour Party would say? O they would be up in arms shouting racists and we hate women. The truth is the conference should be open to everyone. White men I would imagine in the main care about equality too so why can't they go?

I will ask the Labour lot why they hate white men so much and see what their answer is. I bet we don't get one. But the Labour party are hypocrites - why do I say this the party has 2 white men running it - Jeremy Corbyn and McDonald guy. The Deputy Leader is another White male. So come on Labour Party where is this so called equality now?  Typical do as I say not as I do party!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Looney Left taking over and forcing Political Correctness on us all

The world is an every changing place. Some for the good and some for the bad. One thing that is high on peoples talking point is the political correctness world and how it is going mad.

I have read two stories of where lollipop men have high five children as they cross the road. On of them, a 77 year old man who has done the job for over 2 decades quit and the other gentleman said if they sack me that is up to the council.

Whilst we have to me on our guard for people that may groom kids and want to do them harm I am sure these 2 gentleman wouldn't. The children - in the main - are with their parents and also there parents are around for those that are not. It has been showed on TVthe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge high fiv'ing children so why this now? The world is going mad.

On another note I have seen a number of online people complaining that they do not get paid enough from their work place or the wages are unfair. The bottom line for me is that at the beginning you are offered a salary if this is OK then you accept if it is not you try and negotiate a better one if you do - excellent - if not you choose what you want to do. If you are not getting paid enough look round for another job and employer and grow. If a company is not paying enough then the retention would h=be high and then their cost of recruitment goes up so they may as well pay more. It is almost like people think they are entitled to something in this day and age for some reason. A quick buck. If the Looney left get their way then what will happen is what happened a few years ago and the jobs will go and companies will outsource.

On the other end of the pay spectrum the Chief Executives get too much and given what I have just said then some may try and question this but for example the Chief Executive of Wigan Council gets paid over £200,000, which is way more than the Prime Minister, and yet front line staff are being forced to take pay freezes. This element to me seems unfair. How can this wage be justified? It can't!

People are so weary of speaking their minds these days they are scared of getting sued or labelled and the individuality that we all are should be celebrated and not forced to think the same and do the same. They call North Korea for this but this is what they are trying to do with us. I thought we had freedom of speech in this country but this is going less and less and the looney Left are trying to force silence on us.

Grid Girls have been removed from F1 because it could create the wrong impression and been seen as abuse of them. So what have they replaced them with kids. So some idiots think we can't show young females that want to do it but it is OK to shove in their place. Idiots. PC gone bad!

If you say anything about immigration well you will be banged a racist whether you have genuine concerns or not. If someone wants to speak their view then t=let them. Then the people listening can see if they agree or not.

I hope the decent hard working people of this country fight back and shove the PC brigade back in their little box.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Update on Steve Jones JR Case

The Royal Courts of Justice have now given Steve's case. They have now given it's a case number and also ask both parties if they are happy for the case to be heard in Manchester. Steve has agreed with the Courts to have this moved up to Manchester as this would make sense. We have therefore written to the courts with the agreement and also hope Wigan Council agree to this too.

Both Parties have now got 7 days to object to the move but Steve hopes that Wigan Council, like him  respond to the courts at the very earliest opportunity. That way it does not delay any hearing but also if heard in Manchester it will be a great chance for local people to attend the public gallery and hear the case.

As soon as all the details are agreed then we will update this blog so keep your eyes open. It is a shame that it has come to this but Wigan Council would not listen or even talk about it and thought that their bully boy tactics would win the day. Well we believe justice will won the day and we hope as many people can witness it as possible.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Time's up......took some time.....

So the Time up campaign, which is a campaign against all the sexual harassment in Hollywood. This is after a number of high profile men have been accused of using their power to get their own way with their sexual satisfaction. No body man or woman, show abuse their power to get the ro own way - including to get their rocks off.

I fully support this and agree with this but my issue is where have all these people been? I get that if you are a low profile person trying to break into the business then if you broke your silence you would not get a job in the industry. That has been accepted. So then all those people that would listen to them or give them a job or guilty by implication.

I recently saw Oprah doing a presidential speech saying this it the end no more etc etc. But here is, or was, the most powerful person in USA TV and if everyone knew about it she must have then she would have had the power to blow it open but didn't. So rather than trying to give a liberating speech on the issue she, and others should be saying sorry for not using their power to blow the lid on it.

But this campaign should not just be about Hollywood it should be about All work places and organisations.So let's all say well done to the real people that blew the lid and got their voices heard because had Hollywood and Howard's mates thrown him to the kerb a long time ago then there would be less victims.

The only person I think is remorseful from their actions is Howard's friend is  Quentin Tarantino who has said he is sorry he didn't speak out earlier. Where are others that need to say sorry - like the whole of Hollywood  if they knew about it.