Friday, 22 May 2015

Official Statement - Exclusive

Official Statement

I am making this official statement because it has been brought to my attention that there are a number of spoof Twitter Accounts set up trying to be me. I believe and suspect these have been done by my political opponents. Whilst some spoof twitter accounts can be funny and harmless - the vile, evil and defamatory ones are on these spook Twitter Accounts are not. 

These account details are now in the hands of the Police, who are now investigating these vile and criminal statements about myself and and also the matter is in the hands of my solicitors. 

Whilst I have my suspicion on who are behind these accounts it is right and proper that the police are allowed to investigated the matter independently. I have reported my suspicions to the Police and they will no doubt form part of their investigations.

For me I know that I can be challenging to political opponents but I have never made it personal nor have I stooped lower than the gutter, like the people behind the accounts. I have complete faith, at the moment, in the Police finding these people through the various methods and they are taking this very seriously indeed and are liaising with Twitter to confirm the people behind the accounts.

My one and only official Twitter Account is @CllrGWFairhurst .

I would like to thank the kind support that people have said when they have contacted me and these are nice to know that the vast majority of people in Standish are decent people and that it is only a small number of political opponents that are vile and evil and pedal this kind of material around. They will be stopped! 


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Was land tested for contamination including Amtrak.

In Herons Wharf, Appley Bridge Morris Homes are building new houses. The site is on a former Glue factory. Decades ago Camels were used to make Glue and it is known that camels were imported to be used to make glue. In that day and age animals were not tested like they are today for diseases and illness's.

When the developer first put in for planning permission for the site they said that they had test  dug holes in the site to test the land for any and all contamination. However, the site is overlooked by houses and residents knew that the test holes where not all dug. They had serious concerns for a certain area and they knew that they could prove that holes where not all dug because where some of these holes where was the concrete floor of the former factory. The residents merely wanted the Council to ask to see the holes. They didn't. Then they went to court to move this on as they had concerns about contamination, including Amtrak.

Now the site workers have started to clear the site and when they did, guess what they exposed a concrete floor. Now then if this is where the test holes should have been why was the concrete in tact? This would demonstrate to me that the site was not properly tested and the council should have serious concerns on this matter and get involved before houses are built on contaminated land and potentially putting people's health at risk.

Hopefully the matter will get in courts sooner rather than later and resolved.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Poss New date for Ashfield Village green Hearing - Can you help?

As we are all aware the 4 day public hearing for Ashfield was cancelled in April. I have now put forward a new date of week beginning of 17th August 2015. I would guess it, if this date is agreeable with the inspector who is overseeing this and also the Council then it will be finalised soon.

So now we have a new date we are preparing for this and during the 4 day hearing we will need witness's who have used Ashfield for years. If you have completed a witness statement, fantastic, if not you can complete one quickly.

If you are free and want to be a witness please let me know and I will go through things with you. Witness's will be cross examine by the Council's barrister so please bear that in mind as that can be quite scary. I say this not to put any one off but to be up front. If you think you are a strong person and can deal with this kind of pressure and have used Ashfield please let me know and we can have a chat.

Thank you for your support.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sad News - Cllr Robert Bleakley - Exclusive

It is with sadness that I have to report that it is being reported and feed back to me that Cllr Robert Bleakley has suffered a stroke. He is now in a Stroke Unit and being given the best possible care. I understand that it seems to have been caught early and we can  now only hope and pray for him and a speedy recovery.

Many may know or heard his name because of him looking at porn on his Council computer and running up a large phone bill. All the money was paid back to Wigan Council and yes these issues where right to be addressed but the way that the witch hunt from Wigan Council and Labour was wrong. I warned the Chief Executive that if the council carried on the witch hunt like their were then things would ended badly and I didn't want that.

Now is not the time for recriminations but one where people should take reflections of their actions and also join with me in hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for him. I have made contact with the Council and informed them of his condition and hopefully we can all support him in his recovery.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Thoughts on 2 elections on one day

Last week obviously was the General and Local elections - both took place on the same day. When there is a Local election on it's own the turn out is around 35% on a good day, however, it can be as low as 25%. When a General Election is also held, the turnout can go up to about 65% - 70%. An increase of up to 100%. That demonstrates that only half of the people who vote for the General Election are bothered about the local scene or local politics. But when they go to vote in the General Election, they vote for the same party in the Local generally for their local Cllr . Interesting why if they were not bothered about local elections normally they also take local election ballot paper as well. Unless they are confused what the second ballot paper is for.

It is good that more and more people engage but I wonder why they then don't come back to engage the year after when it is just the local elections again. Obviously if 100% of people came out to vote for the General Elections and then vote the same way for the Locals as they had for the General Election then it is understandable why the major parties gain or lose seats in Local Elections, as the General Election has a heavy weight on it. It goes with out saying that minority or independents normally get wiped out or hit heavy in the years when there is a General Election on the same day as a Local Election and last week the Conservatives, nationally did well for Cllr seats. Below is the data for the national picture on how the different groups did.

PartyCouncilsSeats (source: BBC)
Liberal Democrat-3-390
No Overall Control-25N/A

Obviously in Wigan Borough there was 3 independents up for re-election. We had our candidate Cllr George Fairhurst for the Standish ward, which we won, and then the Wigan Independent Network had two candidates up for re-election. One for Bryn and one for Atherton. Unfortunately they lost their seats. There are a number of reasons why we were successful and they were not but it demonstrates that we fought a hard campaign in Standish and George works hard and is well known and respected in the local community.

I am reading some articles where some parties are now saying that whilst having a General Elections on the same day as the Locals saves money, having them on different day would keep them separate and also would keep the two issues separate too, There is an argument that it would be a better indicator than opinion polls. For example had the result above been delivered the week before the General Election everyone would have known that it would not have been a hung Parliament. There are a umber of things wrong with that, the first being that if they where held on separate days the turnout for the Local would have been lower and also people would not necessarily vote for the majority party like they would do when the two or one the same day, but never the less it is interesting that major parties members are talking about this.

For me if the argument was just to have the locals a week before the General Elections to be an indicator for the General Elections then we might as well have them on the same day, however, if we are talking about holding the locals on a different days so the General Elections do not distort the Locals then I would say hold them on a different day. However, I don't believe they will move but it proves the great result and campaign that Cllr George Fairhurst had to win on a General Election year.      

Monday, 11 May 2015

Post Election Activities

Now the Elections are over a number of people have asked what happens now with everything, so I thought I would do a post about the different things.

Winners and Losing Candidates.
For those Cllrs that lost their seats on the Council they are no longer a Cllr from today. Candidates that were successful can now be official be called Cllr from today. The period from the election till the 4th day after you are referred to as elected. You take and lose office on the 4th day after the elections. Don't ask me why, I can only presume that it allows out going Cllrs to finalise things.

Q. Is there any paper work for the Elections?
A. It is interesting the number of people that have asked is there much paper work to do after the elections. In terms of candidates that win they sign a form taking up office. Historically this was done during the Friday day time at the Town Hall but I saw the Council asking winning candidates to sign as they came off the stage after they had won. The losing candidates and any outgoing Cllrs do not need to sign anything.

In terms of the elections then the candidates, or if they have an agent then they, have to do a Candidates return. This is to show what they spent on their campaigns and where the money came from, i.e their own pockets, political parties etc. These have to be returned to the Returning Officer at the Town Hall 35 calendar days after the declaration. Once they have been returned the Council hold them for  12 months and they can be viewed by any member of the public.

Q. Why is there a return?
A. In an election you are set a fix amount how much you can spend on your campaigns. This is to try and have some level playing field so someone with lots of money cannot simply pour money into the campaign to win. The amount is has two parts to it. There is a fix about for every ward (£740) and then you there is an additional 6p per elector that you can spend.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

When will Chadwick's become a supermarket?

Some time ago it came out that Chadwick's butcher's was looking to redevelop the site and become a supermarket. Here is the original link in the Wigan Evening post. With Aldi opening up, a number of people would like a branded supermarket too. When the rumors first started that Chadwick's were selling up Chadwick's daughter, Rebecca, came to see me at my surgery and said they were not sure if they would do the venture themselves or sell up. It was planned that they were going to try it themselves first. Fair enough.

Also parking is a problem in Standish. A number of residents have commented that it is a shame that Chadwick's, who have been in Standish for decades, do not allow residents to park for a limited time like Aldi allows. Obviously it is there land and I think we all have heard the stories what they do when people park on there. One story I heard was when two ladies where going into their restaurant. One parked up and the passenger got out and went to get a table. The driver said she would be in in a min as she was just going to nip into the pet shop first for some pet supply's and she was told to move her car. When she politely informed the parking attendant that her friend had just gone in to get a table she was still told to move her car. Before she did move her car she went in and got her friend and they left to go to La mama's. Like I said it is their land and their business but when I hear stories like that you can see why people have the view that they do of the business.

Back to the point I do believe that Chadwick's should inform their customers and residents of Standish if they are still intending to do their supermarket or sell up so that people know what is happening. I have now written to Chadwick's on this matter as I know both I and also the Wigan Evening Post have asked and got no answers yet either. Also if they could allow residents to park for a limited time like Aldi does then that would show some community spirit.