Friday, 17 November 2017

And they're off.......

At 4 pm today was the close of nomination papers. Below is a list of the candidates.

At the last by election in Wigan the Lib Dems got 19 votes, so they are hoping to get a few more this time.UKIP have not fielded a candidate and their candidate last year is urging UKIP's supporters to support Janet. Add the two votes up and you beat labour.

The Shevington Independent Candidate, Janet Brown and her team were out today and had a great response from Shevington Lower Ground. New pledges given to her and also the Tory's are definitely not welcome there. One man said who is she and when explained the Independent Candidate he asked will she kick that Tory's arse? Reply have a look at that chart we came second last time and Tory's fourth. He came back love it I am voting her just to beat them Tory's.

Over the weekend the rest of Janet's 1st leaflet will be out throughout the rest of the ward this weekend. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Be careful what you wish for....

Brexit is a word that many people are getting sick of hearing. Yes the UK public voted in favour of leaving the EU and whether it was close or not we have a system in this country and we all know it is first past the post system.

So the MP's that do not agree have tried to deal, block or what ever others may want to call it and ask and demanded that they have a vote before we come out of EU and that Parliament comes out. Not a bad idea but what they didn't think was that they would get it and then the ramifications of it.

David Davis, the Brexit Minister, who some describe as a master statistician has said once the deal has been concluded that parliament would get the final say in the vote and it is a yes or no. The problem now for those MP's that have been demanding this vote is if the Government gets a deal and these MP's do not like they they run the risk of a no deal situation because if they block the deal that has been done and then the time limits runs out in March 2019 then those MP's will be accused - rightly or wrongly - that they made the no deal situation. Damn if they do damn if they don't situation and I do think that they have out manoeuvred now on this.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Shevington Independents update - Tories Lies already

So as we know there is going to be a by-election on the 14th December and the Tories have put out a leaflet announcing their candidate - Callum Chadwick. Now you expect them to try and put a spin on it but to just come out and lie so badly is untrue.

First of all they have included on their election leaflet that they came second in June 2017 and only gthey can beat Labour. Well there was NO election in Shevington in June 2017. Then when there was a local election last in Shevington it was May 2016. In the last election the Tories came 4th, yes 4th. Below is a chart of the results of Wigan Council.

Now also what they claim was Callum has been a Parish Cllr in the past - which he has. Here is his record of attendance. 2011/12 - 51.6%. 2012/13 - 41.9% 2013/14 - 46.4%. What an absolute disgrace!  An average of 46.6%.

If Janet elected Janet will attend all meetings unless there are conflicting meetings where she can not attend both.

Elect someone that will attend - can win and will work for you!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Shevington Independents announce candidate

With the By-Election called for the Shevington with Lower Ground called the Shevington Independents have now announced their candidate - Janet Brown. Janet fought this seat last time and came second beating UKIP , Tories and the Greens.

There is a growing support for both the Shevington Independents and Janet in this surprise election.  Janet said, " I am pleased that I have been nominated by the Shevington Independents to be their candidate and also fight this election. If elected I will be fighting for a better deal for Shevington as there are many issues that residents are not happy with."

Chairman and nominations officer for the Shevington Independents Gareth Fairhurst said, Janet did an amazing job last time and since last time she has been co-oped onto the Parish council fighting for a better deal for the residents. Obviously this is a target seat for us and I know the group will be throwing everything at this one."

Janet is a teacher and is a firm believer and passionate in education and children getting the best start.

The By-Election will be held on the 14th December 2017.

Result in last Local Election for Shevington with Lower Ground

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Standish Independents get rid of Travellers quickly

Thanks to the quick response from Standish Independents for quickly getting rid of the Travellers. As they were setting up camp a resident called Cllr Debbie Fairhurst and informed her of what was going on. She immediately contacted the Council and informed them, only to be told that it is private property and there was nothing they could do but inform the police. Cllr Debbie also informed the owners of the situation and they were straight on to it.

During the matter the company liaised with the Standish Independents Cllrs to keep them informed of what was going on and when. Elle R Leisure got security teams in the premises with patrols with dogs. They got straight on to Bailiffs who was trying to get there on Thursday but they couldn't make it.

However, they turned up on Saturday and evicted them. Thankfully their concerns was their property and site and Elle R Leisure moved quickly. Funny how when the travellers come on to public land they cannot get rid of them that fast.

The Standish Independents Cllrs are thankful for a business that moved fast to protect their site and the community. However we dis have a number of thefts in Standish during the week, a car, a caravan and other things.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Why Trump is good for UK !!!!

I can already hear the screams saying, "no he is not and he's an idiot." Some may cry back, "o no he's not." But the truth is Trump is good for the UK and here's why.

First of all I do believe that many people agree we are coming out of the EU. Even those that wanted it are resigning themselves to the fact that we had a democracy vote on it and the majority win in this country.

So now we have that established if we look at if Hilary Clinton would have won the US Election then she would be behind the EU and we would get nowhere with the US, never mind the deal that we are getting once out of the EU.

Also if you look past all the rhetoric coming out of Trump's twitter then there is not much changed in the US's policy's.

What he has done is wake the world up to world globalisation and how the political parties where taking us all down this road. Now we have some one who has scarred them and that now means anything is possible. Parties have to look after their own first. If you look at labour under Corbyn then he is saying about looking after the UK and nationalising industries again. that would take energy companies out of the hands of China and France for example.

The biggest casualty of trump is world globalisation and we now will get the best deal possible after Brexit. that has to be a big win for us!  

Monday, 4 September 2017

Possibly another 2000 houses on top of the 2000 already agreed

So we are now getting back into school runs and things are getting back to normal after the summer break and guess what the developers are getting back too. We all know that over the last years developers have had a great time getting permission to rip up the green open fields around Standish. The labour Controlled Council said they would only allow 1000 houses but yet we now have nearly 2000. So much for their promises!

We all know the Conservative's planning inspector - who uses the Conservatives rules - has also allowed some of the houses. Just recently he has allowed more at the bottom of Rectory Lane, stating the lack of direction and guidelines so he had to allow them. So why has the Government not put the rules in place? Because it suits the developers getting permission. Even the Tory Cllr for Standish has voted for more houses in Standish. Mind you his election campaign was FULLY funded by a Standish developer.

So where else can more houses come in Standish? How can we fit an extra 2000 houses in? Well I can exclusively reveal that residents have been contacted where their houses back on to the fields to block their gates off as they have no right to access the land. The land is behind Preston Rd and runs down towards the Rook. Access points would come in at the new houses where Langtree Garage used to be. Also as they developer more of the fields cars can come off Moores Lane, Woodland Dr and Sheldon Ave. the area is massive. Also I can exclusively reveal that there is to be a site visit next week but yet the Council has said Zip about any of this. Why? What are they hiding? We all know Standish is Full and now overfull and once the houses that have permission we will not be able to move and yet here we are discussing 2000 more. I think it would more likely be 1500 but I agree with the person that informed me that they will try and squeeze every house in.

Standish Independents Cllrs are already working with residents and discussing the matter and telling them not to block their gates off until they have took their own Legal Advice.

I will be disclosing more on this soon so keep your eyes open here.