Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Standish Independents Cllrs Save Fireworks Night

Cllr George and Debbie Fairhurst with Committee and player Ian Stewardson at the Club 
With Bonfire night soon approaching many residents will no doubt be going to a bonfire. One of the most popular in Standish over recent years was down at the Crown and with this being closed that is not an option.

Earlier in the year Standish Cricket Club asked the Tory Cllr Whittingham to pay for a community display with Standish Brighter borough Money. He refused to do this but as soon as the Standish Independents Cllrs were asked then they stepped up to the plate and agreed to fund the fireworks with theirs.

This will take place on Friday 4th November 2016 at 7.45 but the gates open at 6.30 and there are other attractions going on their too.

Cllr Debbie Fairhurst said, this is Standish Residents money and we are happy to support this request. Fireworks can be dangerous if people are left to their own devices and I believe in organised events as a parent. With that in mind I believe this would be great for children and families to see at the Cricket club."

Cllr George Fairhurst said, " The Cricket Club is a well used facility and whilst they obviously couldn't have a bonfire I believe that Standish Residents will be able to see a great Community Fireworks in a friendly and safe environment. By supporting the club it helps keep the residents supporting it and also the club supporting local events too. This works hand in hand with each other.".

Sunday, 23 October 2016

What's happening to Standish Village Centre?

So I have learnt that there are a number of businesses up for sale in the Village.

First is La Mamma restaurant. I hear a price tag of £260,000, if there are any takers? Next across the road is Posh Frocks. There is a note in there shop window saying everything is up for sale - business and stock. Finally the computer shop has closed too and that will be a juice and snack bar.

All these businesses are in close proximity to each other and I guess parking will be an issue for all business. I heard from another shop keeper saying he is looking to move out the village centre too due to the car parking.

I came up with a solution but Wigan Council would not engage with the land owners. Standish Village Centre is dying and Wigan Council are doing nothing but giving us more houses. They need to act on this problem.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Parliamentary Boundary Changes 2018

You may have seen or heard on the news that the next timetabled General Election in 2020 will see a  the number of MP's reduced Parliamentary Seats. The reason for this is some MP's seats have more than others. So in effect some votes in one seat are worth up to 3 times as much as other areas. That can't be fair.

So the Government are trying to change it so each and every vote is valued the same. Labour are kicking off with this saying it is not fair. The main reason being that they have the most to lose in terms of Mp's seats. They claim that claim that since the cut fate, 1 December  another 2 million voters registered for the EU Referendum and now believe because they registered after the  cut date that the numbers should be re-crunched. You can faintly see their argument but there has to be a cut off and it is more likely that the 2 million voters only registered because of the EU referendum and not both. However, saying that one should not assume but Labour should have campaigned for people to register before the 1 December 2015. It is not like they can't say they didn't know as this has been planned for some time.

The 3 seats for the Wigan areas will all remain under the proposal so we will still have 3 MP's. For me one vote being equal to another vote has to be the right way to go!

Friday, 9 September 2016

School Lane/ Green Lane Junction Box

So here we are back again after the holidays and business as usual is happening for people. Kids back in school - parents settling back into normal routine and things are getting back to normal, inc this blog.

Many things have happened over the summer but issues are still there for residents. One such issue is for residents in the Green Lane area and they have constantly had the misery of trying to get out of Green Lane onto School Lane.

The issue is at peak times people wanting to turn right have had difficulties because drivers coming from St Maries Church direction have blocked the box junction and that has then prevented drivers getting out of Green Lane. If then there are drivers wanting to turn left behind them that has then impacted on them because they can't move. Many times the lights go on green and drivers cannot move.

Now in there wisdom Wigan Council have put up large yellow signs saying do not enter the box. I can see why they have done this as they do not want drivers blocking up the box junction put my first thought when I saw these signs was they are not correct. For example you can come from St. Maries direction want to turn right into Green Lane and if your exit is clear but oncoming traffic prevents you carrying out your turn then you can in fact enter the box and wait till a safe gap comes. This signs stops people doing what the highway code says.

Removing the signs will not cure the problem either as because people will carry on doing what they are doing, in fact the signs legally do not stop people from carrying on anyway as there is no enforcement action that can be taken for those that enter the box junction. So we need to come up with a solution.

The Standish Independents Cllrs have been in contact with the council and have said to them that the lights at the main cross roads need to clear some traffic just prior to the Green Lane Lights going onto green as this will allow some space to be created and then allow those cars out. Wigan Council Highway's team are looking at this and will be working on a solution that works and this is yet great work by Cllr Debbie and George Fairhurst. Keep watching as hopefully we can get a solution soon, although Wigan council highway team did say it is all down to the shear weight of traffic in Standish - but still they allow more planning applications to go though.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Another Rugby Star from Wigan

Dan scoring the winning try. Photo is copyright and permission gained from EPA

Wigan has a long history of making Rugby Stars and still it goes on. The latest Rugby Star from Wigan is Dan Bibby, who last night scored the winning try in the Quarter Final's of the Rugby 7's in the Olympics.

It is rare to get a 0 - 0 score at the end of normal time but that what happened with team GB and Argentina. The game was full of drama and both teams could have won at various time but they both slipped up. As it is being reported Dangerous Dan saw a gap and went for it. All he could think was, "Don't drop the ball." He didn't and went to score the try and took Team GB to the semi Final's tonight. But straight after that is the play off for 3rd and 4th and then the final so it will be a tough night for them all but I know Dan is raring to go.

Here is a youtube clip of the highlights from the game and Dan's try. As you will see England got a man with a yellow card and both teams missed a kick to win the game, hence Dan coming to their rescue and getting the winning try.

I have been a family friend for years and first met Dan when he was small. In fact he took the mick out of my drivers I have spoken with the family and they will be watching a hoping for them to progress, like we all are.

Good Luck Dan and the Team.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Linda Fisher Sacked

Everyone knows that I am fully against bullying in the Town hall and battled to clearing up Wigan Politics. People often says politics is a dirty business and in Wigan that is certainly true.

Linda Fisher was the head of the Legal Services in Wigan Town hall and she once tried to bully me, but that failed. It is often said you will get found out and some months ago Linda Fisher disappeared from work at the Town Hall and I can reveal that I have heard from sources within the corridor of powers at the Town Hall for Bullying.

Another officer also went off sick and it is believed it is that person that blew the whistle. I am not going to name that officer as I do not believe it is right to do so, nor fair on them. Fair play for them for having the strength to stand up to such a person in such a powerful position.

I would like to think that things are moving in the right direction at the town Hall if what I have heard is true and she has been sacked for bullying. Sometime ago you would have a cover up and people would have got away with it. However, the hierarchy at the Town Hall are not saying much about  it and it is obvious that they want to keep the treatment quiet.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Wigan Council strike off 2 planning apps for Standish

Tomorrow Wigan Council was due to discuss and vote on 2 planning applications for Standish. These 2 total yet another 200 houses approx for Standish and will take it the total to nearly 2000 houses for Standish.

However, I have made a complaint some weeks ago about Ray Whittingham and if he is allowed to sit on the committee due to him getting funding from a Standish Developer in his election campaign. Wigan Council have confirmed that they are investigating this but had not come back to me yet. This morning I sent an email asking, and reminding them of this, and then this afternoon the head of planning and the Chair of Planning Committee decided not to hear the 2 planning applications tomorrow. I hear this is due to the ongoing investigation and we have asked for clarification as I cannot not see why the whole process should not be heard tomorrow.

Although the recommendation were to allow the 2 applications the Cllrs could have refused them as requested by myself and the 2 other Standish Independent Cllrs. Now the applicant can apply to the planning inspector to decide whether to allow these allow these applications or not. That would take money yet again out of Standish because if the decision is determined by the inspector the developer pays less fees.

We are against both of these applications and that is why we called them into the planning committee to decide and the planning committee were going to hear from Cllr George Fairhurst tomorrow on why to turn them down but now they will not hear that and allow the developer to go direct to the planning inspector unless they decide to give Wigan council more time.