Sunday, 13 May 2018

Why did Peter Smith Resign?

So after 27 Years Cllr Peter Smith resigned as Labour Leader on Wigan Council. It came out the blue for some but with momentum getting rid of Labour Leaders all over the Country maybe it isn't.

So little was said in the public about him going and reason was muted that he was going to spend more time with his family. First bit I knew was true because had that been the reason he would have quit other posts as well, inc the Lords.

So what was it? Well I can exclusively reveal that the Labour members got rid of him and I have seen a number of Labour Emails about the situation inc the one in this post where Peter is attacking and calling his Labour Cllrs for telling lies about him and distorting the truth - trouble in the mill. What I do know about Cllr Smith is he will be out for revenge and those that ousted him had better cover those skeletons because he will be out digging and exposing.

Now this new direction that they talk about - will it be under Cllr Molyneux? Or will momentum get their person in place? Time will tell but form other emails that a Labour Cllr has shown me they are all fighting like rats in a sack. Cllr Collins and Cllr Ronway fighting for Chairman of the Health committee and Cllr Aldred Jr lost his mum on the Council so he is  wanting to have 2 Chairmanships. Each come with extra dosh. Things must be tight in the household. Mind you just like Labour Ex Cllr Crosby Cllr Aldred's mum has been blaming everyone but herself for the lost.

I love Cllr Collins reason why he wants the Health Committee - ready for this because he thinks he is suitable because he has been ill. Christ good jump there is no treasury post otherwise he would go for that on the grounds he has a bank

As for Cllr Peter Smith after the email above was sent they all ganged up on him and was going to vote him out so he quit before he was pushed. I cannot see him staying as a Back bencher. Anyway it will be interesting to see it all unfold.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

High Court Action averted

After the last 2 High Court action you think Wigan Council would now try and do things more easily and smoothly. After the the last hearing Cllr Steve Jones was to get his Brighter Borough funds back and this was promised to him. But up until this afternoon they wouldn't give him back nor confirm in writing that they would. But last week they verball informed him that he was not going to get his Brighter Borough funds back. Now under their rules - that's Wigan Council there are only a few reasons why a Cllr can't have access to this fund. I think illegally but let's not get into that now. So under their rules they would not give him his funds back so we had to issue another Pre Court Action Letter. These are the formal notices putting the Council on notice that we are going back to the High Court and informing the court and to ask the courts to order the Council. Under the rules we gave the Council till 5pm today to confirm that Cllr Steve Jones has his Brighter Borough funds after that we would issue proceedings against them immediately.

Thankfully at the 11th hour the Council confirmed in writing to Cllr Steve Jones he is getting his BBF back. We shouldn't have to go to these lengths to get what is rightfully his his as a Cllr and for him to be treated equally along with other Cllrs. Keep watching as I am sure their stupid little games have not stopped. My money is we end back in court in the not too distance future.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Bring Morrisons back to the Galleries

And they are off, no not the Grand National horses but the candidates in this years' Local Election. I have been asked and asked to stand again for Wigan Central Ward. I have been a Cllr there before for 6 Yrs and know many of the residents and issues and since I lost my seat back in 2010 no other candidate has beaten Labour.and residents are sick of not seeing the Labour Cllrs. I was talking to one resident on a recent canvasing session who said back in the day they didn't vote for me but he said, " although I didn't vote for you least I knew were around. Now a days I don't have a clue who the Cllrs are which says to me they are doing nothing." Interesting!

So one big issue that has been recently reported in the Wigan Observer and online is the fact that Wigan Council has now bought the Galleries as Wigan has become a ghost town with just low value shops like pawn and loan shops. As well as an abundant number of empty shops. The market has been left to go to ruin as the Council forced high rates which drove the traders away.

So here is my first idea, well one brought to me, the first thing Wigan Council should do is bring back Morrisons in the Town Centre. The amount of people that shopped there from the older generations especially is huge. To be fair I don't have shares in Morrisons or shop there but they could approach other supermarkets as well if they so wished and that would be a start to turning things around in the Town Centre. Because they own the galleries outright now they could offer attractive rent and rates to get them back into the Town Centre.

Vote Gareth Fairhurst
Wigan Independents
May 3rd 2018

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Get involved

With so much happening in politics at the moment people are sick of the main parties and are being turned off by them. The Labour Party is, if not already, been taken over by the far left of the party. They are so far left they communists now! The Tory Party, well does anyone know what the Tory stands for these days. In fighting as usual and they are all waiting for the Local Elections to be over so they can do what they do best - sack their leader and get another one in.

The Wigan Independents are made up of local independents from each area, ie Standish Independents and the Shevington Independents. These two groups are all local and want to work for their areas but then feed into something larger when in the Council Chamber. They all know they want the best for the areas but then want to work with other similar mind people when in there. Unlike the main parties who just work for their parties.

So this May why not get involved with your local Independents, whether that be in Standish, Shevington, Wigan, Bryn, Hindley Green are other areas in Wigan.

There are a number of ways to get involved from simply saying you will post a poster in your window in the election in Period in May. Or you can help go out with our teams delivering leaflets. you may even want to stand as a candidate yourself in your area.

So what ever you want to do to help you can. and don't think it is all work as we all have a good time too.

To get in touch email me at

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Standish voice the truth

So lets go back to the beginning when we had all these houses being proposed for Standish and the residents fighting the council's proposals. Where was this so called Standish Voice? No where it hadn't been formed. Where was the guy behind setting up Standish Voice - Paul Ogden? Nowhere. The reason was he lives on Pepper Lane  and he wasn't bothered about all the houses and mess it would cause as he is a Labour support and didn't think he would be effected.

Now then we fast forward to the bit when the housing sites are set and then a link road comes into the frame. This link road comes out at the side of his house on pepper Lane. Mr Ogden now sets up SABLR - Stop Almond Brook Link Rd. You may have seen the signs on Pepper Lane. Then when that didn't work he came up with this idea of a Neighbourhood plan to try and move the road. Reason many said he was only bothered about the link rd and not about Standish. He even told me at the Foresters where we were meeting and he said that this link road would effect the value and sale-ability of his house now. True!

So we have this Labour Quango Standish Voice and here he is saying he wants to stop the houses but it's all a front. If you look at this planning application on Wigan Council Website - A/18/85091/CU -you will see his houses is getting more land and having a bigger garden and also a garage built. Guess who is the applicant -Bloor Homes. Mr Ogden has also just had his drive done by them and a new kitchen has also popped along - so \I am told. Now then if Mr Ogden truly wanted to run this Standish Voice for the benefit of residents of Standish and stop housing developments why his he getting things from a developer? Truth is he is only bothered about himself. In fact this so called neighbourhood plan that they keep harping on about will show more sites for houses to come into Standish - they don't tell you about that.

Mr Ogden and his wife should immediately stand down from Standish Voice and the committee as it is clear they do not have the interest of Standish at heart only themselves.

What is also interesting about this guy is he is some deputy editor or something at the Manchester Evening News and they didn't even cover the Bryn By Election and the dramatic story that stopped it. I am sure he wouldn't have wanted to upset his mates at Labour Wigan Council with the huge embarrassment that it caused them!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Shevington Community school to be flattened

I can exclusively reveal that I have been informed that the bulldozers have been booked to come and knock down the old Shevington Community School that Labour closed last year. The date that they have been booked for is 7th April 2018.

They have plans to get the developers in ASAP once they have sold the site off.

80 new homes being proposed on pepper Lane


So a few months ago I got an email from a resident of Pepper Lane Standish saying that a developer had bought a house on Pepper Lane and land. I presumed that it was the one next to the new link road into new housing estate. However that same resident has said developer are looking to build on the land when I have looked into it I can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that a developer has bought the house on bend of Hyatt Crescent It used to be Mr and Mrs Marsh bungalow and it is on the corner of Hyatt Crescent.

Now the developer has had talks with the Council about building 80, yes that's right another 80 new houses. That will be at least 160 cars on that bad bend. Plus that will be nearly another hundred on top of the 600 already there on the old line. That will then take the total of housing into Standish to over 2000 houses. Remember what the council said our plan will keep it at 1000 and I said no it won't. Now we have another 80 houses coming.

Standish Independents will be campaigning hard to stop these houses for a number of reasons. |Standish can't cope, ie roads, infrastructure etc. We have been over developed and enough is enough and finally it will be dangerous on that road.

Standish Independent Cllr, Debbie Fairhurst said, "These developer only care for one thing -money. I and Cllr George Fairhurst care for the residents and community of Standish. These new houses will present a very dangerous hazard on the bend. It will over kill that area with houses and we have simply had enough."