Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thank you Leigh Resident

So after my comments about the land the council sold for £1 and the blog post which I had previously written a few weeks before sent things to a crazy level. That blog post got over 2000 hits in 24 hours. Wow. That was either a lot of people reading the blog post or someone trying to do a cyber attack to stop this blog. Sounds a bit weird but trust me certain organisations don't like this blog, including Wigan Council, who have written to me and asked me to stop doing it. D'er. Why would I do that?

Anyway I would like to thank all the contact via social media, email and phone. Also I like to thank "Leigh Resident." You know who you are. I don't - but you do. You very kindly sent the paper article from the Leigh Reporter and also wrote some very kind words so thank you for the article and the kinds words. As for your ending on keep up the good work. I plan to do just that. :-)

Sunday, 31 January 2016

The week that ended......31 January 2016

So here we are at the end of January. Wow that's gone fast. Christmas was ages ago, well at least a month

OK I guess this weeks' blog post should be the usual titled the week that ended should be the fortnight that ended... as I didn't get round to write the blog post with so much going on.

The first thing i would like to say is my thoughts go out to Terry Wogan's family as I have heard that he has sadly passed away. I would like to say to them...... (Blank). I used to love watching Blankety Blank growing up.

I guess the first thing people are talking about in Standish is the Deal. Wigan Council's latest PR spin propaganda. In short it means you will pay an increase in your Council Tax, even though Wigan Council say on their Deal literature that they will freeze Council Tax. Then after they have raised the Tax they want residents to do jobs they would have done, like litter picking every week or staff libraries. So they don't want librarians now. They do a great job for me.

So at the Q&A which should have been for 90 mins of time for residents to question to be able to get to ask the Labour Leader of the Council and Chief Executive a question. Residents were upset that the fact that the first 50 mins was taking up by being spoken at when they turned up believing they could ask the question. Then the Tory candidate hogged the Question time and stopped residents asking questions. Then on social media both the Tory and Labour Candidate for the forth coming local election in Standish said I said nothing. Well this is true. given that there was so little time for genuine residents to ask I did not want to take THEIR time up, which the Tory candidate did. The Labour candidate didn't even ask a question. If you want to read more about the event see this blog post. My Council surgery this week was people turning up that wanted to ask a question and wasn't allowed due to the limited time. I will be asking, and have, asked the question that residents wanted to ask.

During the last Council meeting that also took place in the last 2 weeks I raised the issue of why has Wigan Council given millions to a developer for a piece of land that they sold them for £1. Rather than trying to explain their thought process and reasoning why they sold 175 cares for a £1 and then gave millions of your tax payers money to the developer the Labour Leader stood up and said he will sue me now for telling people about the deal. What has the Council to hide with people knowing about this? One wonders and the very thought going through your head at this time is also my thought too. For more on that story click this link.

Also this weekend Labour ave put out desperate lies and deception to try and win the local election in May. Here is one part of my response . Another candidate from last year and questioned a resident on Twitter saying what have I achieved  as a Cllr. I am guessing they only think that big projects count and being a Cllr is all about being in the paper saying I do this and I do that. Yes it is important to say things what I am up too and this is why I have the blog. However for me being a Cllr is about the little things more than the big things. For example an elderly lady contacted me last year about being in the wrong type of accommodation and lonely. I was able to get her into a place that would be better for her. I did help and she emailed me 2 weeks ago with this below.

Last year I emailed you when I was desperate for accommodation an with your help I got a lovely one bedroom flat at X. My life has improved so much and this place is a lovely place to live.  I have had many happy hours here and made good friends and would like to thank you for your assistance

For me that is what being a Cllr is about making a difference to people's every day lives but also standing up for Standish and fighting against all these houses etc. I have changed the name of the accommodation and put X in it's place.

If anyone sees any of the Labour or Tory lies and you want to ask me just email me at . As for my response to the labour leaflet yes it is coming - to every house soon.

I guess Labour and the Tories are trying to start the election before they have even started.


Labour Lies or Deception? Or both?

So if you live in Standish you will probably have had a Labour propaganda leaflet. The Question there is so much wrong with it, it is untrue. You would have thought that Labour would try and get people to vote for them in May by trying to say what a great job they do. But as they don't do a good job and they know it, we know it and more worrying for them is they know that the people know it too. So what's the strategy to try and get round this? Keep up the "Don't Blame the Council." Labour are always blaming someone else and it is never their fault, they say.

So here is one of the things wrong with their leaflet. Below is a bar chart and words on the leaflet.

So if you read their blurb Labour says that only their candidate and Labour can beat the Tories. Not being too rude but how think are labour? If you look at their chart, yes their chart it is clear that the Standish Independents beat the Tories, so demonstrating that Labour statement is false. But also the Standish Independents.

Then in the same chart they have me coming in 4th place behind the Standish Independents, Tories and Labour. But as we all know I am a Standish Independent Cllr and we won. But below is Wigan Council Election page for the result is below. As you can see I am not even on the ballot paper. So what on earth are Labour harping on about that their local candidate beat me. I wasn't even standing in the Local Elections.

 So this Labour leaflet is it just lies or are they trying to deceive you? Or more probable both! Either way Standish Residents see Labour for what they are - DESPERATE!!!!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Residents lambast Wigan Council at their meeting

So Wigan Council held their, "THE DEAL" meeting in Standish tonight. This was where they would be rolling out the idea of how they will ask volunteers to do jobs that they would do normally for free, but still collect higher Council Tax.

So the idea was that it was a 90 min Question and Answers by the Labour Leader and Chief Executive and they would be asked questions by the residents of Standish and they would answer them.

So first thing first, the first hour, aprox, the residents were just talked at. Then the Q&A session started and it was only about 30 mins. In this section it was clear from residents that they were not having any of the baloney from the Council. Why do I say this? Residents repeatedly asked - will you just answer the question that we have asked? Then when the Council tried their prepared spin (answers) that were not relevant to the question residents had asked - so they said we don't believe you. What do you do for your money? was another question. Then after some time the residents just shouted we don't believe you - it is all a PR stunt this! So it is clear that residents were not buying into the spin the Council were saying. Another great comment from a lady was the Council is taking away the natural beauty of Standish. I guess if the Labour lot want to try and even be considered for voting for them in May they will have to try and convince people that it is the Tory's fault.

The Labour leader tried to blame the Tory Government for all the houses coming to Standish, which in part is true, but then said the reality is the more houses we get in Standish the more Council Tax we collect as a Council. So there we have it - the truth from the horses mouth!

I have always said the Council were collecting £25m+ from all these houses, and that is growing, but the Council have tried to deny this in the past but tonight confirmed they will only be keeping £5m in Standish. So when I have said for years on this blog and leaflets that we are being ripped off because there is more money than the £5m.

The the final insult was when they asked for people to volunteer to wear a high visibility jacket and hold a speed camera and catch people speeding and then report those to the council. Will residents want to do this? Why do we pay our taxes? The Council want us to do all their jobs and the police;s job and still pay for it - crazy!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Proof how Council are biased towards Labour Cllrs

If any of you read the local paper or visit the council site or have see any of their communications you may see how the council put out that opposition Cllrs are really bad and naughty. It is the ones that challenge and dig into things that the council don't like. People like me. Another one is Hindley Independent Cllr Bob Brierley.

The Council keep using the Labour Standards Committee to keep finding opposition Cllrs guilty of trumped up things and then turn a blind eye to Labour cllrs.

In the last few days yet more evidence of this as come to light. Hindley Independent Cllr allegedly called a Labour Cllr a name. He says he didn't but has apologised to the Cllr for any upset about the word he thought he may have been called. Council says this is not good and are now going to waste 000's investigating him and sending him to a hearing which only Labour Cllrs will sit on.

This so called named calling took place nearly 18 months ago and the council have sat on this until now so they can find him guilty just before his re-election, this May.

Now a Labour Cllr threatened an oppostion Cllr and said they could arrange to have them put in hospital. Now the Labour biased Council say that this is OK and the Labour Cllr concerned doesn't have to apologise as they did nothing wrong.

Many residents will see the second element a lot worse than the first and wonder why the Labour cllr hasn't been sent to the Standards Committee? Also the Labour Leader told an opposition to go and take an overdose. Again no issue and no problem with that.

the biased and double standards in this Council is shocking and shows the corruption goes to the core.

Monday, 18 January 2016

The week that ended......17 Jan '16

What a week. Two massive legends passed away. First we had David Bowie and with Lazarus coming out just a few days before that was very spooky. If you haven't seen that video or heard the song here it is. Remember this came out just a few days before he passed away. It's like he knew. He was one of the biggest music stars. I loved the fact he flew into London in 2014 with his family and did the sights with no one recognising him.

Then later in the week we had Alan Rickman. I know that many people will know him for the harry potter films but he stared in so many it is hard to choose. I have read that his performance in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was so good that they cut some of Kevin Costner's scenes.

So in the week we had the Full Council meeting and after I informed people about the wasting of tax payers millions Labour's Leader Cllr peter smith best response was I will sue you. Really? Now for all his faults he has been the leader of Wigan Council since 1992 and therefore he has seen a few heated debates and normally he can come back pretty quick and quite good. This response demonstrates one or two things. He is now past it as the leader of the council, a few Labour Cllrs agree with me on this too - privately of course.

Now the issue that I talked about was so topically the response was this one here. This is where I have shown Labour up for giving millions away for nothing. the article I wrote originally says £8m - I got it wrong as I was not allowed in the debate. The real figure was £10m. The old saying it is easy spending others money is so true in Wigan.

Wigan Central got voted best pub of the year, so well done to Patsy and her team. Good on yer.

In Appley Bridge rumours are a foot that the planning application for the burning plastic plant has been withdrawn. Great news but as one resident said they may well come back with an amendment plan. very true.

The snow arrived at the end of the week and many people built snowmen and had snow ball fights no doubt. Maybe it was the cold that got to the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn head. Seriously is this guy for real. It is Labour's policy to keep fossil fuel in the ground. Great green policy there. But then it is also Labour's policy to open the pits again. So once they do that but are keeping the coal in the ground what will the pit workers actually be doing? Then came the idea of he will keep Trident subs. Again a great defence policy - only thing is he doesn't want them to carry warheads. This guy can't be all there with these policies surely?

I have read that Which? has revealed that many of the big 6 energy companies are letting people down with their customer services as well as may be not being the best for price. With the cold weather now here it is a good time to check if you can get a cheaper deal. Use a site like . This site compares all the different tariffs and suppliers. Some of the comparison sites only show the company that you can switch too. My Bill Expert doesn't do this but even shows the ones you have to go direct with. Great ethical policy.

OK enjoy the snow and if you need us you know where we are.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Why is Standish getting nearly 2000 homes

One of the most asked question to us as Ward Councillors for Standish is why are we getting nearly 2000 houses when Wigan Council agreed to allow 1000? The answer is shocking and worrying but it is important to realise why we are in this situation.

The Standish Independents will work to highlight the loophole and strategy and fight it as this shouldn't be allowed as it is unfia rin communities like Standish