Monday, 10 October 2011

Labour letting down Swinley Residents

When I was a Councillor I paid for some alley gates in the Swinley area. Because there where popular many other residents wanted to have them. I spoke with the Council and they said that I did not have to use my Brighter Borough Money as they would pay for them out of another pot of money. Fantastic. The whole area getting the gates. When I was unsuccessful back in 2010 I had over £3000 in my brighter borough money. Soon after I left office the Council pulled the plug on the alley gates saying that they had no more money. I emailed the gentleman that won my seat Labour Councillor George Davies over 6 months ago and asked if he could pay for the gates (£1200 aprox). No response and the residents in the area are frustrated that they where lied too. I can understand why they feel like they do and I would. It is a shame that Labour are not looking after residents in Swinley and just Labour supporters in Scholes and Whelley.