Sunday, 31 July 2011

O AND S Meeting

Labour and Wigan Council continually to say that they are listening to the public and are wanting to engage with local communities and treat all equally and fairly.

Last week I was at the O and S committee hearing taking part as a witness. This committee was listening to see if the Cabinet had done anything wrong. At the start of the meeting a local member of the public was asked if he could give a power point presentation but was told no. But yet when I called this decision a few yrs ago I never called Onside, the consultants that are helping get this project of the ground, but they turned up at that meeting and did a power point presentation for aprox 20 mins. So Wigan Council are demonstrating that if they like you they will let you waffle and do what you want but if they do not like what residents are doing they ignore them and treat them as second class citizens in their own communities.

On the funding side the Council say there is a short fall but they will simply get it. If it is that simple why not make a few more pounds and save the libraries, swimming pools and staff?