Monday, 23 November 2015

The week that ended.....22 Nov '15

What a busy old week. So busy this blog post is a day late.

So the week started on a somber note after the Paris attacks. Many people were thinking that they couldn't believe what had happened and also thoughts were turning to ISIL and bombing them in Syria. I had wrote about that back in 2013 and how we should be go after them. Here is that blog post.  It is not only disappointing but unbelievable that the Labour Leader will block any vote in the House of Commons to start bombing ISIL in Syria. He wants to negotiate this one. I don't want to be rude but what planet is this guy on, sit down over a cup of tea and stop the fighting. Really - not a clue!

Also on a bad note Wainhomes put in another planning application for 80 houses in Standish. This is off Langham Rd. Previously they had wanted 100 but they withdrew that application and now gone for 80 houses. Will be interesting to see what Wigan Council do with this one. After all they keep saying their plan now stops any more houses, although it didn't stop the extra 250 houses for phrase 2 on the Golf Course. So when I said that their plan isn't worth the paper it is written on then I guess this is the proof.

Then I saw that we are all being told by the Government that we have a long way to go and there are more cuts coming. But it doesn't seem the case for David Cameron. Tony Blair tried and failed but owd Dave wants his own plane and even though the Tory's objected to this in the past, now they are in power they feel that they want one. How the other half live, as they say.

Back to local issues I attended a committee meeting at the Town Hall and because a Cllr attended that they didn't want there they asked the Cllr if they could have a meeting in another room and asked me to attend, so I did to see if I could have helped out if that is what they wanted. However, whilst we were discussing the issue Labour ran out of that room and went to another part of the building so the other Cllr couldn't find them. But when they were taking me to the other meeting the other Cllr followed us, so then they wouldn't take me to the meeting. You couldn't make this up. The thing is and here's the thing. They were saying that because there was something sensitive in the meeting the other Cllr couldn't hear. However he will see the report when it goes to the next Council meeting. So what was the issue with keeping him out. To me just doesn't make sense.

At the end of the week I hear about some student starting out on their Duke of Edinburgh award training and good luck to all of them. I am sure there will be tears and fun along the way. Cold and wet days but they will talk about them for years to come and learn new skills.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Labour split on the defence of UK

I will do a blog post for the week that was, been a busy old week. However, one thing that is important and more of a National issue rather than a local issue. The issue is what should we do about ISIL?

We all saw the appalling and horrific attacks in Paris last week and no one wants to see that again, especially in the UK. So we need to take action. We know that ISIL are held up in Syria and I wrote about this in back in 2013. Here is that link to that post.

I was in favour of the war in Afgan but not Iraq and I always said as we can see that we had to go to war in Syria but the Labour Leader does not want to go to war, well in truth no one does, but when there is a crisis like ISIL you have to take them out and not talk to them like Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn wants. The Prime Minister wants parliament to vote to allow bombing in Syria. In fact I worry that it will end up as troops of some kind go int too.

But Labour will vote against the idea of bombing in Syria keeping us vulnerable to attacks by them and innocent people dying. I firmly believe now the Country is in favour of bombing ISIL but Labour are letting our national defence down and putting lives at risk.

This just shows how weak Labour are at tough decisions and would be a national security issue if they were in power.

The whole house of commons should back the vote to go in and get rid ISIL once and for all. They should also look at what happens after the war so a void is not left so some other vile organisation moves in. Plus the immigration would ease if Syria was stable as people would stay and also go back to the Country they say they want to live in.

George Fairhurst for Mayor

Each year the Council picks one of their Cllrs to be their Mayor. The Mayor is A political so signing is this petition isn't a political petition.

Since 1974 there has only been 1 Mayor from the Opposition Benches, there were a Conservative Cllr. Since 2002 there has been a strong and large number of independent Cllrs and it would be nice for the Council to recognise that element too.

Cllr George Fairhurst has been a Cllr for Standish since 2004 and this year on his election year when it was on the same day as a General election he won. That is a massive achievement and demonstrates the hard work and respect he has from his member of his ward.

He is not only well respected in the Ward but in the Council Chamber too and would be an excellent Mayor.

For the reason above we hope you can sign and then share with your family and friends to sign the petition and support the Call to be Mayor of Wigan.

Here is the link if you want to sign it.
We also have a hard copy doing the rounds too.

Monday, 16 November 2015

And still more come.....

I know many residents are sick of being lied to about housing in Standish. Initially the Council said there plan would stop any houses in 2013. Then they said in 2014 we had to have 1000 houses but that would be it because their plan stopped any more. And while I always said they were lying and we would get to the 2000 mark. We are over 1600 currently for either outlined or full planning permission.

Now Wainhomes have put in a planning application for 80 houses. This is off Langham Rd were I believe they wanted 100 houses. They withdrew that application. Now we have this application.

Application No Name of Applicant Location of Development Proposed Development Decision Level
A/15/81542/OUT Wainhomes Agricultural Land, Langham Road, Standish Outline application for Delegated
(Developments) Ltd residential development of up to
FAO Mr Stuart Binks 80 dwellings and open space
Cedarwood 2 seeking approval of access
United Kingdom
Case Officer: Richard Taylor
Telephone 01942 489133

We would urge residents to write in an object to this application. I know that all 3 Standish Independent Cllrs are opposing this and we have taken the step already to call this into the planning Committee.

Please write your objections to Wigan Council, Town Hall, Library Street, Wigan, WN1 1YN

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The week that ended.....15 Nov '15

I guess I will start with events at the end of this week, which were the horrific events in Paris trending as #parisattacks. The horrendous scenes that we have probably all seen shows the world that we live in. Where one minute we can be having fun with family and friends at a football match, a restaurant or in a pub and then scenes like what we have seen can happen. Whilst uncommon it goes to show we have to be on our guard.

For me the question why could it not have been stopped? Not an easy question but it seems that there was intelligence as the German football team were warned of a potential bombing at their game with France. Was that information passed on? What happened with it? Whilst I am sure at time will tell we must think of the family's that have been effected by these events.

Also on the same day Jihad John was reportedly killed by an American Drone strike, One less of them and the sooner we kill these type of people the better. I know the PC Brigade will be shouting at me you can't say that - I just did. Forget the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn who doesn't want wars and wants to talk to these people. Nice thought but the reality is you can't talk to people like this. Kill them and kill them all, it's the only way we will be safe.

Moving closer to home and the foreigners from Syria, Iraq and Iran that are staying at the Britannia have been causing a stir. With a petition and Facebook page calling for them to be moved has reached 000's. The issue many people feel is that they are hanging out in large groups and whilst they may not be breaking any laws people, especially women, are feeling intimidated by these large groups. When we get kids doing the same thing the Police use dispersal orders and I can't see why the Police can't do the same here. I will be talking with the police about the matter.

It's sad that the threat of violence is not only at an international level but in our Town hall too. This week the video was released of the last Full Council meeting where a Labour Cllr, who is a woman, shouted at myself that she can arrange for me to be put in hospital. Whilst we live in a democracy it seems thugs are being elected, thankfully one wasn't elected in Standish this year, but it goes to show that just because someone has a different point of view, challenge theirs or even have other comments that Labour Cllr's think that kind of behaviour is OK in the Council Chamber - shame on them. I have seen some bad things at meetings but never another Cllr physically threatening another, till now.

Also this week one of the residents sent this picture of me last week laying the wreath on behalf of Wigan Council and the people of Standish at remembrance Sunday.

I guess it's been a sad week and like I said thoughts and prayers with the people of Paris.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Immigration in Standish

So there is much being talked about the immigrants in the Britannia Hotel. I think it is firstly right to discuss what is the different between a immigrant and an economic migrant. The first, a immigrant, is someone who is here because they fear for their lives back in the home country. The second, an economic migrant he is here just to either work or benefits.

Now onto the Britannia Hotel in Standish. i first wrote about this issue back in  2014. Here is that story. I have heard many resident tell me that they feel uncomfortable with the large group of foreign men walking round the streets. The majority of these people have been women. They may or may not have justification for their concerns but if someone has concerns then they should be addressed. I use the example of kids in the streets. The police may get complaints of children being in groups around areas and the Police can go and move them on. The children may not even be doing anything wrong but they get moved on and broken up. I want the same treatment for any anti social behaviour, even these people that are living in Standish. If they are hanging around and making people uncomfortable I want the police to treat them just like us and our children with a dispersal orders. After all - this is just treating everyone equally. Now if there are just a couple of them out for a walk then there is not much any one can do on that.

Now we are hearing lots of stories about these men living in the hotel banning children from playing football behind the Hotel and also attacking local people. Now then if these stories are true what needs to be done is that those people effected and involved need to report it either to us or the police. That way we and the police can get first hand information as they cannot reply on third hand information. Again this can't be unreasonable.

The hotel are a private company and can rent their rooms to who they feel fit. Park Hotel did hire their rooms out to the government contractor but decided to cancel the order. That was a commercial decision and it needs to be a decision for Britannia to make as it is their business. However, they must remember that they are within a community. It can't be good that the hotel is being named the Sangatte of Standish.

I will be meeting the police on this matter and putting my proposal of dispersal orders in for all, including the occupants of the hotel as it has to be fair. If we get first hand reports of people being attacked then those responsible have to be brought to justice and that is why it is important that the people involved report it.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The week that ended.....08 Nov '15

Bit of a busy week this week. First of all I had to get involved in an issue with a street light in Shevington. Residents had been asking their Labour Cllrs to get rid of a street light that hadn't worked for 18 months. Easy enough job, quick call into the council and report it. They went out and confirmed that it should have come out earlier. So they have removed the light so big thanks for that, I know the residents are happy now and thanked me.

Full Council Meeting

On Wednesday saw the Full Council meeting. As the Town Hall is being maintained in Wigan we had the meeting in Leigh old town hall.

Not too much on but we had the issue of Ashfield on the agenda. Labour was rattling the same just calling me for wasting money, so they say. This was about these figures

 Inspector’s fee £8,475 
Objector’s barristers fee £14,500 
Objector’s Solicitor time cost £6,400 (approximately 100 hours work) 
Registration Authority Solicitor time cost £6,000 (approximately 90 hours work) 
Admin (Bundle Costs) £450
 Press Notice of Inquiry £200 

Labour can't simply understand that it was the independent barrister who said that there needed to be an inquiry, not me. He said based on the strong evidence that we had submitted.

Now the figures in red are the ones that are not really relevant. The two solicitors cost are full time solicitors for the Council and therefore would get paid anyway, even if the inquiry hadn't gone ahead. Also the Council have inflated their figures by 100%.

Next the Council chose themselves to go and hire a barrister at the cost of £15,000. As we can see they have their own solicitors so why couldn't they get one of their own, rather than hiring someone from London, that;s right London? Admin bundle again is a full time staff member and I have heard it was a YTS person that did it any way.

So the only real cost of Ashfield Inquiry was £8,675. This is for the inspector's fee plus the press notice. These cost are outside the council's control. But you can see how the council and Labour have inflated and misrepresented figures for their own propaganda. 

For me I will not take any lessons of Labour about how to spend tax payers money. Especially as they spent over £70,000 just a few weeks before closing Mere Oaks on a new pool and flags. What was interesting was as soon as I mentioned Mere Oaks example I got the Labour Leader rattled, so much so he jumped to his feet shouting closing Mere oaks was the Best decision the Council has made. Fancy such arrogance. Over 27,000 signatures and other support from Wigan People and Labour leader doesn't care about the excellence support and education that school gave to some of the most vulnerable children in our society. Now out of all the decisions the Council have made I would have thought the Labour leader would be shouting another example of the best decision ever, but it just proves it was his personal vendetta against the school was the reason why it closed.

Another debate was Labour are upset that the Government are changing the rules on Strike. The Labour Leader said it was like going back to the 80's. Given that Labour has elected a MP who still lives in the 80's then it is probably quite appropriate that they do this then.

For me if someone has a legitimate right to strike fair enough but don't block others that do want to work from working. A Labour Cllr Lol Hunt who has in the passed called a Tory MP a Nazi said that he was pleased that the french were involved in a public project as they support unions. Well I wonder if he likes them when they are blocking the ports and stopping business and holiday makers getting across the channel each summer? 

Remembrance Sunday

This morning I had the great privilege of laying the wreath at Standish Cenotaph. It was good to see so many turned out, whilst it was threatening to rain. It is important that we do remember the service men and women past and present and the service and scarify that they give us. From me to them and on behalf of the people of Standish - Thank you.   

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Crash in Standish

Earlier today there was a road traffic accident. I have heard this was because a car travelling up from the church and going over the crossroads towards the motorway. The car had been stationary at the green traffic light and then when it changed to red the car went forward. However, there was a lorry coming from Wigan and travelling over towards Chorley went through the green light  and stuck the car. After the vehicle had been struck people went to the male driver and see if he was OK, He was in a state of shock and then after a brief conversation put the car in gear and drove forward up the wrong way and then hit another car and barrier. This is the position of the car in the picture.

Luckily all drivers of this car, the lorry and the other car that was hit were all OK thankfully.