Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Immigration in Standish

So there is much being talked about the immigrants in the Britannia Hotel. I think it is firstly right to discuss what is the different between a immigrant and an economic migrant. The first, a immigrant, is someone who is here because they fear for their lives back in the home country. The second, an economic migrant he is here just to either work or benefits.

Now onto the Britannia Hotel in Standish. i first wrote about this issue back in  2014. Here is that story. I have heard many resident tell me that they feel uncomfortable with the large group of foreign men walking round the streets. The majority of these people have been women. They may or may not have justification for their concerns but if someone has concerns then they should be addressed. I use the example of kids in the streets. The police may get complaints of children being in groups around areas and the Police can go and move them on. The children may not even be doing anything wrong but they get moved on and broken up. I want the same treatment for any anti social behaviour, even these people that are living in Standish. If they are hanging around and making people uncomfortable I want the police to treat them just like us and our children with a dispersal orders. After all - this is just treating everyone equally. Now if there are just a couple of them out for a walk then there is not much any one can do on that.

Now we are hearing lots of stories about these men living in the hotel banning children from playing football behind the Hotel and also attacking local people. Now then if these stories are true what needs to be done is that those people effected and involved need to report it either to us or the police. That way we and the police can get first hand information as they cannot reply on third hand information. Again this can't be unreasonable.

The hotel are a private company and can rent their rooms to who they feel fit. Park Hotel did hire their rooms out to the government contractor but decided to cancel the order. That was a commercial decision and it needs to be a decision for Britannia to make as it is their business. However, they must remember that they are within a community. It can't be good that the hotel is being named the Sangatte of Standish.

I will be meeting the police on this matter and putting my proposal of dispersal orders in for all, including the occupants of the hotel as it has to be fair. If we get first hand reports of people being attacked then those responsible have to be brought to justice and that is why it is important that the people involved report it.

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