Sunday, 15 November 2015

The week that ended.....15 Nov '15

I guess I will start with events at the end of this week, which were the horrific events in Paris trending as #parisattacks. The horrendous scenes that we have probably all seen shows the world that we live in. Where one minute we can be having fun with family and friends at a football match, a restaurant or in a pub and then scenes like what we have seen can happen. Whilst uncommon it goes to show we have to be on our guard.

For me the question why could it not have been stopped? Not an easy question but it seems that there was intelligence as the German football team were warned of a potential bombing at their game with France. Was that information passed on? What happened with it? Whilst I am sure at time will tell we must think of the family's that have been effected by these events.

Also on the same day Jihad John was reportedly killed by an American Drone strike, One less of them and the sooner we kill these type of people the better. I know the PC Brigade will be shouting at me you can't say that - I just did. Forget the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn who doesn't want wars and wants to talk to these people. Nice thought but the reality is you can't talk to people like this. Kill them and kill them all, it's the only way we will be safe.

Moving closer to home and the foreigners from Syria, Iraq and Iran that are staying at the Britannia have been causing a stir. With a petition and Facebook page calling for them to be moved has reached 000's. The issue many people feel is that they are hanging out in large groups and whilst they may not be breaking any laws people, especially women, are feeling intimidated by these large groups. When we get kids doing the same thing the Police use dispersal orders and I can't see why the Police can't do the same here. I will be talking with the police about the matter.

It's sad that the threat of violence is not only at an international level but in our Town hall too. This week the video was released of the last Full Council meeting where a Labour Cllr, who is a woman, shouted at myself that she can arrange for me to be put in hospital. Whilst we live in a democracy it seems thugs are being elected, thankfully one wasn't elected in Standish this year, but it goes to show that just because someone has a different point of view, challenge theirs or even have other comments that Labour Cllr's think that kind of behaviour is OK in the Council Chamber - shame on them. I have seen some bad things at meetings but never another Cllr physically threatening another, till now.

Also this week one of the residents sent this picture of me last week laying the wreath on behalf of Wigan Council and the people of Standish at remembrance Sunday.

I guess it's been a sad week and like I said thoughts and prayers with the people of Paris.

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