Monday, 16 November 2015

And still more come.....

I know many residents are sick of being lied to about housing in Standish. Initially the Council said there plan would stop any houses in 2013. Then they said in 2014 we had to have 1000 houses but that would be it because their plan stopped any more. And while I always said they were lying and we would get to the 2000 mark. We are over 1600 currently for either outlined or full planning permission.

Now Wainhomes have put in a planning application for 80 houses. This is off Langham Rd were I believe they wanted 100 houses. They withdrew that application. Now we have this application.

Application No Name of Applicant Location of Development Proposed Development Decision Level
A/15/81542/OUT Wainhomes Agricultural Land, Langham Road, Standish Outline application for Delegated
(Developments) Ltd residential development of up to
FAO Mr Stuart Binks 80 dwellings and open space
Cedarwood 2 seeking approval of access
United Kingdom
Case Officer: Richard Taylor
Telephone 01942 489133

We would urge residents to write in an object to this application. I know that all 3 Standish Independent Cllrs are opposing this and we have taken the step already to call this into the planning Committee.

Please write your objections to Wigan Council, Town Hall, Library Street, Wigan, WN1 1YN

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