Monday, 23 November 2015

The week that ended.....22 Nov '15

What a busy old week. So busy this blog post is a day late.

So the week started on a somber note after the Paris attacks. Many people were thinking that they couldn't believe what had happened and also thoughts were turning to ISIL and bombing them in Syria. I had wrote about that back in 2013 and how we should be go after them. Here is that blog post.  It is not only disappointing but unbelievable that the Labour Leader will block any vote in the House of Commons to start bombing ISIL in Syria. He wants to negotiate this one. I don't want to be rude but what planet is this guy on, sit down over a cup of tea and stop the fighting. Really - not a clue!

Also on a bad note Wainhomes put in another planning application for 80 houses in Standish. This is off Langham Rd. Previously they had wanted 100 but they withdrew that application and now gone for 80 houses. Will be interesting to see what Wigan Council do with this one. After all they keep saying their plan now stops any more houses, although it didn't stop the extra 250 houses for phrase 2 on the Golf Course. So when I said that their plan isn't worth the paper it is written on then I guess this is the proof.

Then I saw that we are all being told by the Government that we have a long way to go and there are more cuts coming. But it doesn't seem the case for David Cameron. Tony Blair tried and failed but owd Dave wants his own plane and even though the Tory's objected to this in the past, now they are in power they feel that they want one. How the other half live, as they say.

Back to local issues I attended a committee meeting at the Town Hall and because a Cllr attended that they didn't want there they asked the Cllr if they could have a meeting in another room and asked me to attend, so I did to see if I could have helped out if that is what they wanted. However, whilst we were discussing the issue Labour ran out of that room and went to another part of the building so the other Cllr couldn't find them. But when they were taking me to the other meeting the other Cllr followed us, so then they wouldn't take me to the meeting. You couldn't make this up. The thing is and here's the thing. They were saying that because there was something sensitive in the meeting the other Cllr couldn't hear. However he will see the report when it goes to the next Council meeting. So what was the issue with keeping him out. To me just doesn't make sense.

At the end of the week I hear about some student starting out on their Duke of Edinburgh award training and good luck to all of them. I am sure there will be tears and fun along the way. Cold and wet days but they will talk about them for years to come and learn new skills.

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