Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Syria - How Parliament have got it right on Syria for 3 years.

Years ago David Cameron asked Parliament to vote to bomb Syria. This was to get rid of Syria's President Assad. Parliament voted against that. That was a bloody nose, many have said to David Cameron, however surely it was just someone asking something important and the people responding how they felt. Had we done that and been successful then when the President Assad had been overthrown then there would have been a void. That is what happened in Iraq and also Libya. There was no planning for what happens next. to be honest that is the hard party I guess for us. we can't go and put our people in because that is wrong but then if you leave them to sort it out themselves we get people like ISIL. So for me last time voting no was the right thing to do.

Now we move on to today's debate and I believe it is right to extend the bombing we are doing in Iraq into Syria and bomb ISIL. I believe it is right that this vote goes through as it would help stop and be part of just one element to stop and get rid of ISIL but it is not the only one. I agree that troops will be needed at some point and this should be local people.

Another point is to try and cut off their funding. ISIL are stealing oil and selling it over the border of Turkey. If we could get that border closed off then that will help cut off the funding.

As you see there are many things to consider but voting against bombing last time was right and voting yes for this one is right too. One issue is that Tony lair lied about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction and now people are wary of the advice that prime ministers give.

Will agree we the bombing I do feel it was wrong for the Prime Minister called the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, a terrorist sympathisers. Even though I think Jeremy Corbyn is a weak leader I do not believe the Prime Minister should call any other MP's just because they have a different opinion.

I have put a poll below to see what you think, so please take a few seconds and let us know how you would vote.

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  1. Currently 57% for and 43 % against, so closer than what I thought but keep voting and lets see where we get with this. Thanks


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