Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wigan Council plan to move Council meetings forward an hour

Wigan Full Council meetings are normally 7 pm and can  last no longer than 3 Hrs. So simple maths everyone is out of there at 10 pm. However, Labour are now looking to change this historic time and start at 6pm. Reason they say is the committee meetings all start at 6 pm. For me the different is that members of the public come to full council meetings and not committee meetings.

Also people that work find it hard to get there by 6 pm so starting at 7 pm gives Cllrs that work and members of the public that extra hour to get there.

For us 7 pm starts are still the way forward as there is not a compelling reason why to change what has always worked. There is a n old saying, if it ain't broke then don't try and fix it.

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