Friday, 11 December 2015

Labour to stand cheating Cllr again

Labour have a pop at me and other opposition Cllrs for a number of things. They try and say this and that. They even tried to accuse me of stealing money but when the heat was turned on them from a legal point of view they soon shut up with their lies.

So some may remember the disgusting trick Labour Cllrs and members have done over the years, which there are many, including having illegal children pictures on their PC's, stealing benefits and also expenses. These are just a small few examples and some have rightly gone to jail for their offences some have got away with it.

One such Cllr because technically she didn't break the law but many where disgusted at her tricks was Joy Birch. What she did was move to Ireland and turn off her Email and Telephone so she couldn't be contacted. Many may think she simply moved and resigned but that's the thing she did no work but carried on taking her Cllrs pay even though she was living in Ireland. I broke the story here.

Once I exposed her she quickly resigned. However after this she is now trying to get back on as Cllr for Orrell in next year's May elections. What a disgrace that Labour are allowing someone that did that trick to get back on as a Cllr. I believe the people of Orrell will be disgusted and I have been contacted by a resident who has asked if they can stand because they are disgusted at this. I have said that they can go forward for the selection and we will work to keep sleaze out of Orrell.

Hindley Green

Also Labour have always had a go for a number of me family standing as Cllrs and in fact they won and they work hard. I don't care which party has family members in so long as they work hard  but it seemed an issue for labour yet here in Hindley Green Labour are putting wife of Orrell Cllr Steve Murphy up as their candidate against Independent Bob Brierley. Labour Cllr Steven Murphy (Orrell), who has his son as a Cllr for Pemberton, is now putting his wife forward for Cllr in Hindley Green. Given that Steve Murphy is one that has attack us for having a number of the same family in as Cllr you would have thought he wouldn't be trying to get all his family in as Cllrs all over Wigan.

I guess the elections have started early this time seeing as Labour are trying to win back opposition seats.

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