Sunday, 6 December 2015

The week that ended.....06 Dec '15

So here we are at the end of another week and there are not many left for this year.

So at the beginning of the week we had the vote on Syria. A big test on whether we would go to war with ISIL in Syria. The Labour Party was the talk of the event as the Labour Leader tried to put the whip on his members to vote no. However, when it became clear he would have issues he allowed his members to have a free vote but said officially the Labour Party policy is no. I wrote a blog post on how I believe that Parliament has got Syria right over the last 3 yrs. If you missed that post here it is. I ran a poll on how you would vote and people that took part said no in the main by 2 votes. Close call for me I would have voted for bombing on ISIL in Syria.

A number of residents have contacted me over the week saying they are sick of seeing Labour Cllr George Davies
in the Paper for saying he is doing this and that in Standish when he is the Cllr for Wigan Central. They are saying he is missing in action. Well I doubt he has done any action. However, Wigan Independents will be fighting hard in Wigan Central showing how many times he has said he has done things in Standish showing to them he doesn't care for them just himself.

We also had the Oldham West by-election. This was where the pundits said that UKIP may win or at least come a close second to Labour. When the result came in Labour killed all the other candidates off. Huge win. Many pundits are saying that UKIP is now finished and I may not completely agree but can see why people are stop supporting them now. Time will tell if they can pull it back together or not.

Cllr Surgery was very busy this week with a number of local issues and the Standish Independent Cllrs will picking them up this week and dealing with them.

The Co-op shop in pole street was broken into Thursday Night/ Friday morning. Thankfully this was whilst the store was closed, unlike in the passed when robbers tried to hold the store up whilst open. Thankfully good citizens of Standish went in and caught two of them. This time however it was over night and they stole scratch cards and the lottery machine. Here is that story if you missed it.

Finally, the Standish Independent Cllrs met with the Council this week and discussed a number of issues that they want to bring forward and do next year and this was a positive meeting and we are moving forward with those, so watch this space.

Finally as a Cllr you have to take the stick, in fact when you're a candidate you have to take a bit otherwise don't bother. Politics can be a nasty game. This I know from the internet trolls putting libelous about me on the internet, they will be named shortly. But when the Labour Candidate follows my kids to school and their route then that is not only weird but needs addressing. So when I put on that the previous Labour Candidate, Sam Murphy, who was a young lad from Pemberton came 2nd and beat the Tories and since she has been the candidate she has come 3rd every time, this is strange to a degree. I say this because as she lives in the ward you would expect the vote to go up from someone who doesn't. However, this has not been the case with her and this just demonstrates lots of people know the bad things she does in the ward, including following other people's children to school and the Police have had to be involved, then you can see why people don't vote for someone like that. For legal reasons I can't say anything further. But for me someone like that should not only be nowhere near children, she should be no where near elected positions.  

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