Saturday, 19 December 2015

Wigan Council give millions to private developer

North Leigh Park Development Strategy

On this item Wigan Council have given huge amounts of lands, in the area of something like 175 acres away to a private developer for £1.That's right £1. Then just to really rub our noses in it and they then use our hard earn taxpayers money to give to the developer £8m to clean the land up.

The land which Wigan Council own is contaminated, so say Wigan council, and they want the land to be developed out. I have no issue with this if the land is useless and could be used for a better use for the local and immediate area. However, when they give away millions then I have issue.

Had the Council said the land is contaminated so we sold it for £1 because the developer will have to pay millions to clean the land up, that would be an argument. But then to pay them £8m to clean the land up I have issue.

The reasons why I have issue is if Wigan Council used the £8m to clean the land up they then could sell that land for more than the £1 they are getting now. This is ridiculous and to make things worse Wigan Council knew I was going to raise this and therefore moved the meeting room, so I didn't know which room it was in. Then when I asked they show me the room they blocked me to the point that once we found the room the item had been discussed and moved.

The tactics demonstrates how corrupt Wigan Council are. These kind of policy's and practices amount to contempt of the democratic process and tax payers funds. They hate being found out and hide information as much as possible.

But had Wigan Council used the £8m to clean the land up and then sold it then I have been told that kind of land would have sold possibly for about £20m - £30m. That now means that Wigan Taxpayers are out of pocket for about £20m.


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