Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Labour should kick out their Cllr that make treats. Will they?

At the last Full Council meeting, which are 8 weeks apart, I was talking about an issue which Council was discussing. This was about striking NHS staff. In the speech I made I said that if I or one of my family where in hospital I would want to be treated. A Labour Cllr then said that they could arrange for me or one of my family to get put into Hospital. Really what a comment to make.

The Cllr concerned is Labour Sharratt. She is a Cllr for Ince and I wonder what her resident think of her. This Council should not tolerate any threats from anyone, including elected members. I did report her to the Mayor at the time she said it to get an apology. The Mayor did nothing.  Maybe she didn't hear it but she should have listen to what I said.

I now am demanding a public apology at the next Full Council meeting from this Cllr, but I have also reported her to the Labour Party and they should take action by throwing her out of the Party as well, or at least suspend her.

Now this is not the first time this Councillor has gobbed off so too speak. One local business report to me how she went round complaining about them and saying she was a Cllr and could get them closed down. What a disgrace! Let's see what Labour do and let's see if she does the right and decent thing and make the apology.

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