Monday, 7 December 2015

Why can't Wigan Council build a by-pass?

In the last couple of days residents in Standish would have received Wigan Council's Borough Life magazine. What a number of residents have asked is in the magazine Wigan Council says they are building a link road, that dreaded word in Standish, from Orrell right across the borough to Leigh and the Atherleigh Way road.

Residents are angry that Wigan Council believe they can build such a but fail to tackle or solve the congestion in Standish. With nearly 2000 houses coming more traffic will come and residents want answers on where and how the Council will deal with the issue of traffic congestion in Standish.

Residents raise a good point. This scheme that the Council are saying they are doing is ambitious and huge but if they believe think they can deliever such a scheme why can't they solve the issue in Standish. With that I will write to the Council and ask them just that and post the answer here.

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