Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Xmas present from Developers - more houses for Standish

Here we go again. So the age old issue. Whilst we keep getting told, even to the point of the other day when a resident asked a member of the public formally asked the Cabinet how many houses where coming to Standish and they replied approx 1000. This is even after we all know that the figure is now nearing 2000.

So we get even closer to the figure of 2000 when I inform you that yet another planning application for a further 150 houses has been received by Wigan Council for Rectory Lane. This application is, as you drive down Rectory Lane away from Standish you drive passed the Himor site that is currently being built out.  From the bottom of that site this new application start at that point carry's on towards the railway line.

Rectory Lane has already been allowed to have 650 new houses to be built, so to allow a further 150 houses would completely wreck the area. Not to mention the issue of the extra traffic.

Residents can rest assured that the 3 Standish Independents, who are elected to represent Standish will be voicing their concerns and calling the application before the planning committee and asking them to refuse this application.

If you want to see all the houses passed and proposed in a table click here.

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