Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Busy Times

Yesterday was yet another a busy day. With most of the day taken up with doing something for one of our candidates, sorry can't say yet, but the morning started with a meeting with the Chief Executive of Wigan and Leigh Homes over a serious issue. What was good was we have worked out what we need to do and resolve the issue and I will be contacting the residents concern with an update.

Whilst I am one of, if not the most critic of Wigan Council but when you work with people on issues and they want to help like the chief executive of WLAH does then it shows that elected members and the council can work things out and resolve issues.

The day finished with the AGM of Shevington Conservative Club where I am on the committee. Good to see that the club looks like in good hands and that in this difficult times like now, a small club like this can not only survive but thrive hopefully.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst Interview by BBC

Today I was asked to go to the George Formby Statue in the Grand Arcade. This was a cause I champion from the start and got going. I was very lucky to get the support from others including the George Formby Society.

The BBC are doing a new programme on George and it is being hosted by Frank Skinner who is a big fan of George. So I was interview at the statue today. The programme is possibly going out later this year or early next year. So looking forward to seeing that.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Brighter Borough funding for St Michaels Church/ Church Hall.

I have been contacted by a lady from St Michaels church. They are after having some new signage and notice boards putting up and wanted to have some funding from Brighter Borough. I have spoken with the lady now and agreed to pay them £1000 to cover all the costs for these signs and notice boards and hopefully they will be useful to them.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Victory over billboard.

The new Lidl store in Standish had a billboard advertising. This was against planning rules as they did not have have planning permission. I got on to the Council and even though frustrated during the process I did a press release as I simply had had enough. Before the story could hit the headlines the billboard was pulled down.

Whilst this is a victory I find if frustrating the amount of red tape you have to go through. What the Council needs to be is more efficient in processes and quicker at responses that need to be done. Simple things can remain simple if dealt with speedily and quickly rather than letting them mushroom into big issue.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Crossing to be improved

Last April I started a campaign to improve the crossing outside the Brockett House.

I have been speaking with the Council on this matter and now had a site visit with an officer from the Council. After discussions we have agreed that the footpath on the opposite side to the Brockett will be built out up to the cycle lane, which should be removed in my opinion as none uses it, and then the Council will build the corner out on the Junction with Swinley Lane.. Then put rails on the path to stop any taxi's parking on the road. What was interesting was when we were on the site visit a van pulled up and parked across the crossing so it really was quite easy to demonstrate the danger and that was at 9.30 in the morning never mind at weekend and when children are coming home from school. Also elderly residents will benefit who live behind the brockett and danesway and go to the shop on the opposite side oif the road.

The Council say that these improvements will be in by summer of this year.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Point proven

I was speaking with some residents this morning when a Labour Cllr came in. They looked a bit concerned and I said whats the matter. They replied that the police officer for the area was not working today or tomorrow and back on at the weekend. They said that this was ridiculous.

I would agree with this but what is very interesting was that we had a meeting of the full Council last week and Labour said there were more police on the streets and everything was okay. Well clearly that is not the case by the admission from their own councillor.

After a lengthy conversation they agreed that I was right at the Council meeting but could not say that because they cannot voted against the party but surely as councillors they should be able to. Goes to show and demonstrate that national party politics do not work at a local level.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Very Busy Times

As well as a Councillor for Wigan Central I am the leader of the party. Part of my duties with that is to leader the party but to work out who is standing where, interview the people that have asked to stand for us and then work out who is getting what in the elections.

I have now got all candidates interviewed and most have been successful although two have not been at this time and they may stand as independent or help out and have another go next year. I guess the time will prove whether we made the right choice. It is interesting because others think they know where I am going to stand and what I am going to do but I am really impressed with what I have planned this year. Each year I always try and get a better campaign than the last one I did and I think the best campaign was for my wife back in 2008 when she stood in Shevington. But this year I have taken the whole campaign to another level and hopefully people will go wow I like this, I,m voting for him. Time will tell again I guess.

With Council I am awaiting on some emails to come back and then I can get on with some projects that I have been working on and I can finalise them before March is out. Then April really will be all go.

If you have any queries or want help don't be afraid to ask I know a number of you have emailed me with jobs so keep them coming.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Another Fence issue.

A resident spoke at a resident meeting about fencing the grass area outside Mabs Cross House. I have said that I will pay for the fence with some of my brighter borough money and I have now contacted the relevant dept to ask if they approve of the work and then I can get the job ordered.

I have also seen the block of flats at the side of Mabs Cross and they too have a piece of land like this and I have said I will do the same there too to keep the area in keeping and consistent with each other.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Suspicious Disappearance of officer!

Jason Kennedy is the Conservation Officer on Wigan Council He is one of the officers that has to look at the proposed boys and girls club. When I called the issue in to be looked at on the o and s committee I asked him to attend as a witness as I wanted him to answer some questions. He was told by the Council NOT TO attend. Now after learning that he was recommending to REFUSE the application he has been suspended, allegedly, on the grounds of time sheets or something. If the Council want to investigate time sheets lets start with the top is what I say. But the fact the has recommending this and then suspended raises serious questions.

I have written to the Chief Executive to ask for all the documents that he wrote and all his work that he did on the issue to see exactly what he was saying.

After reading the Tory leaflet that they are "leading the way" on this issue they have apparently done nothing, nothing new there then. The Mesnes Conservation Area Action Group have said that they cannot believe the lies that torys have said in the leaflet. But I can. They have none little I won't to say nothing but little and they have certainly not lead the campaign and I guess the letter in the paper from the resident group will clearly demonstrate this.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fly Tipping

I had a call from residents on a bit of fly tipping. I went round to the area concerned and did a site visit with the residents who thought it was quick that I was there within half an hour. After the visit I contacted the relevant dept and asked them to clean it up as we where able to establish that it was in fact a contract for the Council that had done this. Also whilst I was there I suggested that we did a litter pick in the area and resident where keen to take this up so again the council are organising this very soon. Once this has been done we are then looking to make the area a bit more picturesque, which residenty like the idea of this and I have left them to come up with what they would like. I am visiting the residents later this week to see how things are going.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Labour Back Cllr Gareth Fairhurst Initiative!

Back in April last year some of you may remember I said that a new crossing was needed on Mesnes Road. For those that are not aware or can not remember I have put a link to my page last April so you can read the original story. ://

Now Labour Candidate has come out and said that one is needed. Just proving that I have been on top of issues that need addressing the Ward. Mind you this would not be the first time George Davies has jumped on a band wagon. But if he wants to back my initiative that is fine my me the more support the better as this will help get the road a safe crossing.

Watch my post in the near future about George's history in the Council. You could not make it up but it is important that you see him for who he is.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Supporting the Campaign to scrap the tax.

The people of Shevington have to pay an additional tax to the Parish Council. This year they have increased this by 46.5%. Now Cllr Debbie Fairhurst is proposing to collect enough names to call for a referendum where the people of Shevington can scrap this tax.

I support this campaign as the Parish Council is just another level of bureaucracy. The people of Shevington do not get anything extra than other residents in the borough so why should they pay more.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Budget Night

At last night Full Council the next year's budget was discussed and voted on. The rise is small say Labour but this is due to a special deal the Council did with the Government for extra help. Call me a cynic but this is an election year.

The Tories said that they would cut the tax but did not say where or give suggestions neither. I guess we can all say we will cut but unless we say how and where will people believe or trust them.

For myself I voted against the Council Tax rise and said they could get rid of borough life magazine that costs £140 000 a year. This is done by a printer outside of Wigan. The media team as a budget of nearly £800 000 do we really need a press office that size. Also in the Council has 71 position that pay over £50 000 .

Also stop ALL FREE FOOD AND DRINK TO COUNCILLORS and also get rid of Townships this will also save money.

These are just the start of what I believe should happen.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Clean up ordered.

Whilst out and about in the Whelley I noticed the disgusting state of the footpaths with regards dog muck, litter and other general muck. I have now asked the cleaning team in Wigan Council to do a sweep of the area and to clean the paths.

They have said they will send a team out now to do this and will contact me once this has been done. Hopefully it will be in the very near future so we can clean up the area for the residents.