Friday, 12 March 2010

Suspicious Disappearance of officer!

Jason Kennedy is the Conservation Officer on Wigan Council He is one of the officers that has to look at the proposed boys and girls club. When I called the issue in to be looked at on the o and s committee I asked him to attend as a witness as I wanted him to answer some questions. He was told by the Council NOT TO attend. Now after learning that he was recommending to REFUSE the application he has been suspended, allegedly, on the grounds of time sheets or something. If the Council want to investigate time sheets lets start with the top is what I say. But the fact the has recommending this and then suspended raises serious questions.

I have written to the Chief Executive to ask for all the documents that he wrote and all his work that he did on the issue to see exactly what he was saying.

After reading the Tory leaflet that they are "leading the way" on this issue they have apparently done nothing, nothing new there then. The Mesnes Conservation Area Action Group have said that they cannot believe the lies that torys have said in the leaflet. But I can. They have none little I won't to say nothing but little and they have certainly not lead the campaign and I guess the letter in the paper from the resident group will clearly demonstrate this.

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