Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Very Busy Times

As well as a Councillor for Wigan Central I am the leader of the party. Part of my duties with that is to leader the party but to work out who is standing where, interview the people that have asked to stand for us and then work out who is getting what in the elections.

I have now got all candidates interviewed and most have been successful although two have not been at this time and they may stand as independent or help out and have another go next year. I guess the time will prove whether we made the right choice. It is interesting because others think they know where I am going to stand and what I am going to do but I am really impressed with what I have planned this year. Each year I always try and get a better campaign than the last one I did and I think the best campaign was for my wife back in 2008 when she stood in Shevington. But this year I have taken the whole campaign to another level and hopefully people will go wow I like this, I,m voting for him. Time will tell again I guess.

With Council I am awaiting on some emails to come back and then I can get on with some projects that I have been working on and I can finalise them before March is out. Then April really will be all go.

If you have any queries or want help don't be afraid to ask I know a number of you have emailed me with jobs so keep them coming.

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