Friday, 19 March 2010

Crossing to be improved

Last April I started a campaign to improve the crossing outside the Brockett House.

I have been speaking with the Council on this matter and now had a site visit with an officer from the Council. After discussions we have agreed that the footpath on the opposite side to the Brockett will be built out up to the cycle lane, which should be removed in my opinion as none uses it, and then the Council will build the corner out on the Junction with Swinley Lane.. Then put rails on the path to stop any taxi's parking on the road. What was interesting was when we were on the site visit a van pulled up and parked across the crossing so it really was quite easy to demonstrate the danger and that was at 9.30 in the morning never mind at weekend and when children are coming home from school. Also elderly residents will benefit who live behind the brockett and danesway and go to the shop on the opposite side oif the road.

The Council say that these improvements will be in by summer of this year.

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