Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Crossing Needed!

I am calling for Wigan Council to install a pedestrian crossing on Mesnes Road outside the Brockett Public House. There are a number of reasons why this crossing is much needed in this location to protect residents and pedestrians alike.
Mesnes Road is a long straight where cars a notorious for speeding. By having a Pedestrian crossing there this will help to lower the risk of some one having an accident.
More importantly though when people that visit the pub and then call for a taxi they travel up from Wigan and they cannot not park outside the pub so they do a u-turn and then park outside the shop opposite the Brockett. By doing this they block the island crossing that is currently there. This makes crossing the road even harder than what it is.

With this in mind I have asked Wigan Council to look at putting in a pedestrian here to make the crossing safer. A survey was survey was carried out last week and Wigan Council are now looking at the results.

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  1. Hi I was just logging on to do a new post about the proposed changes to W2 controlled parking zone. The difference this will make to the normal living here. So we live in W2 (A) have a child to get to Woodfield School just over half a mile away from home one to get to Nursery on Walkden Ave before scooting off to work. At the moment there are loads of W2 spaces around the school so its fairly easy to drop off and pick up. Many of the residents there are out at work so don't use the spaces at these times so there are few problems.

    The school will be in zone W2D so we and many of the other parents won't be able to park near there or call at Londis for a loaf on the way home. I checked the restrictions on the 1 hour parking bays there are about 8 on St Aubyns, 8 on St Clements and 2 on Brock Mill Lane. I'm not sure how many people will be competing for these but I suspect over a hundred.

    This will add about 40 mins walking time per day to do the kid run on foot with a 2 year old in tow. May not sound much but between us we'll have to drop working hours to cover the time lost here.

    As ever there are options to improve this make some of the resident bays drop off ones extend the school car park or allow parents to buy drop off passes.
    Is it legal without consultation? Or was there some which evaded those this would affect?
    Who makes the decision?
    What are the objectives the changes are trying to achieve? Are there other ways?

    As for the cost increases does anyone ever look at how inefficient the whole parking permit process is? I'm required to produce annual letters from my firm to say I still have use of the company car - (the original one says its for a 4 year contract and I doubt many would allow you to keep a company car if you didn't work there!) the letters addressed to 'the resident' asking for proof of address and residency what do I take?? My council tax bill sent by the council addressed to me at my address paid by direct debit. So they have all they need to process my application but I still have to supply the stuff every year to serve their inefficiency.

    Finally I can imagine the enforcement team rubbing their hands at this change as parents of young children we'll have no choice other than to risk it. Our kids are too young to cross Wigan Lane while we wait to dodge the wardens (you do a great job by the way). They'll be lurking at half three to take full advantage.


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