Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bin the Council !

As you can see it is a bust time at the moment and normally I put a new post on each day put there are a few stories backing up now and I have had an extraordinary day. I resident in my Ward as emailed me this morning. The emailed showed that the resident has been in contact with the Council over her bin and rubbish not being collected. The emailed showed that the resident had contacted the Council Then the Council said Sorry we will get someone out to collect the rubbish, please leave it out, as we can not tell you when we will be out. The a few days later the resident again the Council to say that the rubbish had still not been collected. Again another apology from the Council. Next thing it is time for the next week bin collection. Instead of the collecting the rubbish they put a yellow sticker on the bin to say not to over fill the bin or put bags at the side of the bin. Well you can imagine this has to be the last straw. What an outrage! Let's not forget this is a service that we pay for. If thew Council say they will collect the rubbish and do not and will collect again and they still don't then give you a notice it is a clear disgusting act. With this kind of service not unusual, if you see previous posts, it may be time to say it is time to, "Bin the Council!" If the Council cannot provide a service and stick promises that they give like leave your rubbish out and we will collect and then still do not it clearly has to be time to ask is the Council capable to provide this service.

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst said today,
" The time has come when residents say enough is enough and ask responsible
questions about the level of service that is being provided, or not as the case
seems to be, a reliable refuse service. The Council has to look at
itself and view if it can or cannot provide a service it gets paid via
Council Tax. Why the bin men cannot simply pick up the rubbish and put it
in the bin wagon god only knows. If the service is struggling then the
Council and it's staff should go that extra mile."

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