Friday, 24 April 2009

New Party For Wigan

I am pleased to announce that after months of sorting out we have a new polictical party in Wigan The WIGAN INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVES !
When I and three other left the main Conservative Party last May we weren't bothered about we wanted to get back to the grass roots and continue our hard work for the people in our Wards. Although other parties asked us to join them we felt it was best to have time out of that and consider things in a cold light of day, so to speak rather than in the heat of the moment and get it wrong. It was really refreshing that when we were thining of what to do to move forward people were asking us if they could stand for us or just get involved. This was good but in real terms we were just four independent Councillors in a group on Wigan Council. So we asked the people and took the decision to register a party name with the independent unbiased governing body, The Electoral Commission. After months of working with them we finally had our name. Wigan Independent Conservative.

We have our first meeting next week and it seem that it is all going well with the number of people interested in either coming to the monthly meetings or to joing the Party.

And what do the Conservative Party in Wigan say, We will get our lawyers on you for using the word Conservative. What they must understand is that Electoral Commission are unbiased and are the key to democracy in England. It seems they do not like this so I guess we will just need them to sulk about it!
With my Birthday today and the launch of the Party it looks like it will be a double toast tonight.

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