Friday, 17 April 2009

Where are the bin men?

One of the most complained about service at the moment is the Bin Collection Service that collect the green bins. Wigan Council seem to constantly get this area in a mess for some reasons. It may be because they keep changing the time scale of collection from a 2 week service to a monthly service and then back to a 2 week service. It may be because there was a bank holiday and the bin men have come a day late, which normally happens. But when you get notice from the Council that says even though there was a bank holiday on Monday to still put your bin out on the same day as usual and you do what happens? That's right the bin service that collect the green bins does not come to collect the waste. I was contacted by a number of residents this week about this and I rang the Council to try and find out when will the bins be collected and why have they not been emptied. In true Wigan Council style I have not had a response and I guess Wigan Council have not even apologise to the residents.
Cllr Gareth Fairhurst,
" This kind of response and service is not good enough. If Wigan Council say
they are going to collect your bins on Wednesday and then do not. You would
think that Wigan Council would know why the bins have not been collected and
when things go wrong they would put things right and apologise. After all the
people of Wigan are paying for a service the least Wigan Council could do is
provide the service that they get paid for."

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