Thursday, 30 April 2009

Overview of Full Council

Well a bit late with today's blog but it was Full Council meeting last night. Well well well the Tory's seem more split than ever. With a really good motion from Tory Cllr Grund. There is no point to say that the Council should scrap Borough Life Magazine. This was something I called for last November as it cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. No problem supporting this motion but Labour picked up on the fact that I had called for it to be scrapped and the Tory Leader had said to a meeting that it was a good magazine and well worth the money. It is good to see some of the Tory Councillors still are putting the people of Wigan First it is a shame other Tory Councillors do not do this but put themselves first.

Labour had said what good things they are doing and the Tory Leader agreed, What planet is he on? Obviously he is making sure he keeps as much money on outside bodies as possible. The fact that Wigan Council boasted about free swimming for everybody, but yet Labour have closed Wigan Pool and Ashton Baths. There is no point giving something that they cannot have. This is just pure spin and how the Tory's can say that Labour are doing a good job is beyond me. Tory Cllr Thompson, even said in the local paper that he was going to challenge this in the Council Chamber. Not one word did he speak. Some might say that it is sheer opportunism propaganda that the Tory's are doing. All talk and no action. Mind you he thinks no will know this as the Council Chamber meetings are not recorded.
Labour did the usual thing of talking the meeting out so I could not discuss my motions that I put to Council. Both the Tory's and Labour voted against having CCTV in the Council Chamber. This would have given the people of Wigan more access to view what their Councillor is doing for them and which way they voted. It just goes to show that Both the Tory's and Labour do not want the people of Wigan to know which way they vote. But they both still want the free food, drink and trips.
Again both the Tory's and Labour vote for Building Schools for future. This was a bit of a surprise because the Conservatives have said that they would scrap this as soon as they get in. Just showing that the local Tories are in bed with Labour and looking after themselves.

Finally the Tories had a dig at my latest leaflet which I out out saying what I have done, I wonder why they do not put leaflets out apart from election time. Maybe because they do nothing except for propping up Labour

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