Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Environment Agency are planning to build a dam in the River Douglas in the area of Douglas Valley. The Environment Agency say this is important to stop flooding, at certain times. What I feel the Environment Agency has not looked at is if there is any other part of the River they can build this that would not damage so much wildlife for a start. With the mass inconvenient to the residents of the area, that do not normally suffer from flooding, this is an area of concern for myself.

With any project of this size there are many technical areas of concern to. Whilst I do not claim to be any kind of expert in this field I have had a look at the plans and it raises a large number of questions and concerns, which I have passed on to the Planning Dept.

I am surprised that Labour are in support with this project and the Tories have not said anything about this project. I will be fighting this proposal all the way and I have asked for this application to go before the Planning Committee, where I will be speaking against this planning application.

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