Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tesco Trolleys litter the River Douglas

A major path way and local river are being polluted by Tesco Trolleys. At the bottom of the Douglas Valley runs the river Douglas. The river Douglas runs pass Tesco Superstore in Wigan. This is the site of the old Wigan Rugby League Ground Central, Central Park.

One of the downside to this site is that there seems to be a constant flow of Tesco Trolleys in the River Douglas. The only Flow should be the flow of water. These Trolleys are not only unsightly to the area but also pollute the river unless removed quickly.
I have had a number of complaints about this and rightly so. I have written to Wigan Council asking them to sort this out. I have also been into Tesco to voice my concerns with them.

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst said,

" I have been to Tesco and spoken with them about this issue and asked them to
look at this area of concern, including asking if they cannot use the trolleys
where you pay a £1 when you get the trolley and then get the £1 when you return
it to the correct area. I have stated I am happy to work with Tesco to resolve
this issue but also I will be constantly monitoring this area."

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