Sunday, 12 April 2009

What Party Do I represent?

One question people will want to know, if they do not know already, is what party do I represent on Wigan Council. I am an independent Councillor, which means that I do not belong to any party. On the Council I, with three other Councillors have formed a group on the Council called the Independent Conservative Group. The reason for this is we were all members of the Conservative Party but we felt that Party Politics were getting in the way. At a local level Party Politics should not get in the way of what is right for the people of Wigan and whilst the Labour Group do not come up with many good ideas sometimes they do bring up some and then to be told you cannot vote for that is crazy. So we set up the Independent Conservative Group so that we can still represent our Conservative Beliefs without being told which way to go.

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst said,
"We have been independent of the main Conservative Party now for nearly a year
and I cannot believe the support we have had. It just goes to show people of Wof
Wigan are not interested in Party Politics but Councillors working for them
rather than a Party."

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