Monday, 13 April 2009

Free Swimming For Wigan?

Labour recently introduced free swimming for people in Wigan. They even got Keith Chegwin to launch this in the New Grand Shopping Centre. What Labour failed to inform Keith Chegwin was that just a few hundred yards away was Wigan International Pool and it was shut!

What does Labour think that this spin does is show the desperation in trying to get any news out trying to say that Labour are doing something. The only thing that Labour are doing at present is destroying Wigan. With more and more things closing when will Wigan get some good news?

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst said,

"I cannot believe that Labour think that they can keep getting away with spin.
Noone believes in this no morea nd it is becoming more obvious that no one
believes in Labour no more. Fancy announcing free swimming for people but not
having a swimming baths in Wigan. And Wigan will not have a swimming baths for
some time. And with more and more time going by there is less likely to be
another pool in Wigan as more and more projects are going by the waste side."`


  1. Good to see you keeping in touch with the electorate. I will ask again, Where did you get the above photo from and did you gain permission to use it?

  2. Hi Stewart, Thanks for the nice comments. I feel it is important to keep in touch with the electorate.

    As for gaining permission for the photo all pictures are taken by myself or other sources.

  3. Stewart, I note your last comment and ask you email me or ring me. Thanks


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