Sunday, 12 April 2009

Prisoners to get the Vote

Prisoners To Get the Right To Vote!
It is outrageous to even think that prisoners could get any kind of benefits or privileges of any kind. But the government is responding to pressure from the EU and looking at giving prisoners the right to vote. Is this Government Mad? Where and when will common sense come back to the shores of Britain? It is about time this Government stands up to the EU and says that they, the government rule this Country and not the EU. But this Labour Government is to weak in this area and I do not see the Conservative Party saying that we can have a referendum on the EU when they get in power.

I believe that the time is now right for a sensible debate of what involvement we have in the EU, if any. I believe that any Government of this Country should be putting our interests first rather than lining their pockets with the money and benefits from the ‘Gravy Train.’

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