Friday, 1 May 2009

Labour Shutting More Schools

Some of you might be aware that Labour are looking to close yet more Schools. They are dressing it up as Building Schools for Future. Yet more spin. Whilst there might be need for some changes there is no need to go to the length and extremes that Labour are doing. What is strange in this is the Conservative Party are supporting Labour this and not opposing it. Yet more proof there is no difference between Labour and the Tories.
If you take Standish and Shevington High Schools. Labour are looking to close both schools and build an new school in the middle. The Tories have even asked people where they want it to be buildt. WHAT? People in both Standish and Shevington do not want their schools to close.

Standish High school is about 30 years old. Not that old and since then the school has had a number of massive extensions, they are even planning to build some more class rooms over the summer but want to close the school in a couple of years
Shevington High School might be having some more problems with school numbers but a Wigan Independent Conservative Councillor has come up with a great plan. If the school is not full and they do not need all the school, why not change some of the school into a leisure centre. This is something they have done over in Newton le Willows. There is a site where there is Selwyn Jones Sports Centre Ashton Rd, Newton Le Willows and also Newton le Willow High School. By doing the same kind of thing at the Shevington site it lets Shevington still to have a high school and provides the north side of the borough with a leisure centre. Leigh has a pool, Ashton has a pool, Hindley has a pool Standish, Shevington and surrounding areas does not. But yet Wigan Council collects high Council tax from these areas.
People in Wigan do not want to be like America with massive High Schools where over 2000+ people go with lots of yellow buses go but they want local high school.
The picture of Wigan Independent Conservatives Cllr Debbie Fairhurst who is one of the ward Councillor's who said Labour are looking to close Labour School. Labour said that this was scaremongering

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