Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Labour Try to shut another Special School

Labour have started the move to close another Special School. Montrose in Pemberton is the school in question and Labour say there is no other option as there will be only 21 pupils there next year.

As many of you will be aware Labour shut Mere Oaks and when they said that Labour claimed that once the children get split up the other schools will be saved. Labour knew the figures there at that time. Why did they not see the problem coming?

One of the answer is that Labour stop people going to the school and that puts a strangle hold on the school. Also they get the rumour mill going and then parents then do not let their children go there as it might close. Again this helps Labour shut the schools.

If Labour are good at one thing they are good at shutting schools.

I have called this in. What this means that Labour will have to put things on hold and the issue will have to go before the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. At this meeting we will discuss the issue and I will be proposing to save this school.

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