Thursday, 14 May 2009

Steps cleaned up.

On the post on the blog on Thursday 7 May I said about the steps at bottling wood and how dangerous they where.

Each Ward in Wigan has what is called a beat it team where they come in 4 times a year. Last week was one of the weeks that the beat it team was in the Ward and I had asked them, like I requested, to clean the steps up. A lot better now and also I had requested that the engineers dept replace the hand rail. As you can see this has been done too. The next and final part of the project is the steps will be resurfaced so that they are all level.

What is really interesting about this project is the fact that some one else is trying to claim credit for it. George Davies who is the Labour candidate went into the local press and said that the dam that that the Environment Agency want to build in the valley he is in favour of this and the Environment Agency should put something back into the area by paying for these repairs. First I am against the dam being built and second the residents pay their Council Tax so why could not the Council pay for it, hence why I got in touch with the Council. What is really interesting about George Davies is that the Wigan Council Legal Dept has confirmed that he has NO power in the authority and cannot get jobs done as he is no longer a Councillor.

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