Thursday, 21 May 2009

Queen Visit

Today the queen will be visiting the North West. She is coming to Heinz factory and then going to open the Leigh Sports Village. After that she will be taking a lunch with Councillors and her guests. I have been invited to the opening, which I will be going too, but I will not be taking the free lunch at the cost of Taxpayers. Whilst many said I should have done this I believe that I should not. I did ask if I could pay for my own meal but this was not allowed so I made my mind up not to go. This is not to disrespect the Queen but to keep to my promise of not taking any free meals or drinks. I thought me paying for my own meal would have been okay but Labour tried to shove me on their Gravy Train. I will not be getting on the Labour or Tories gravy train and after another Tory MP has been found to claim his expenses for a floating duck house I cannot believe that they continue on these freebies.

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