Friday, 8 May 2009

MP's like their Money !

I see that today See's the issue of the publishing of MP's expenses that they have been trying to hide for months in and through the courts.

I note that they say the rules need to be changed as the rules are out of date. I wonder if they are, are is it the MP's having been playing the system and they should change. For example an MP lives miles away from London, do they need a second home in London? Of course they do. But rather than saying I will be getting a second home in London they then change it to say the home in London is the main Home and where they previously lived is the second home. The only way the rules need to change is to say what is a second home and what is not.

Obviously the MP's have brought this onto themselves, they deserve everything they get in terms of bad press, as for expenses they do not deserve everything they get!

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