Friday, 29 May 2009

Labour start the process of closing Montrose School

At last night Children Young People Scrutiny Committee I tried to get the debate of closing this school to a Full Council Meeting but the Independent Councillors backed Labour to send the issue back to the Labour Cabinet. This means that they will do nothing new and will now start the process of closing the school, whereby if the debate had gone back to full Council we could have tried to debate this more and get more information and find out more.

At the meeting it was disclosed that the school was in spacial measures, which means Ofsted had concerns over the performance of the school, and as soon as this was order was put on the school, Labour stopped the school from taking new children. Then they argued last night they needed to close the school as there where hardly any children going to the school, well there will not be any children there if you stop any children going to it. Labour just bled this school dry. They cannot blame any one else but themselves.
Also the Council disclosed that this might not be the end to closing more special needs schools in the borough and more could follow.

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