Friday, 15 May 2009

More Labour Sleaze !

What disgust me with Wigan Council and especially the Labour Party in Wigan is the sleaze. In recent years they have had one of their Councillors convict of having Child Porn on his computer, he is now in jail for this and other offences. Also the Wigan Labour Chairman was given a job in Wigan Council, talk about look after your own. But this just gets better This persons name was Dorothy Abbott. Her role for Wigan Council was to advice employees what benefits they were entitled to claim. I had complained to Wigan Council to have her removed from her role as officers cannot attack elected members and vice versa. The Labour leaflets had her name on as the agent, so would not anyone with one ounce of common sense would say there is a conflict of interest here.

Anyway to get back to the bigger story was that she was convicted of benefit fraud of a grand scale. This was to the tune of over £28 000. She had to pay this money back quick to avoid jail. She must have sold her house and to pay the money back. So here she is a benefit cheat homeless what do Wigan Council go and do? Give her a Council house which is a bungalow. These are like gold dust. There are so many elderly people that would benefit from one of these rare and unique properties but yet Labour look after their own, including benefits cheats.

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