Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Public behind Webcast

In last night's Wigan Evening post they reported how at the last Full Council how the Labour and Tories voted against my motion of recording the Council meeting and then putting it on the web so people of Wigan can see what gets discussed in the Chamber, who votes which way and everything else.

I put this to Council for a couple of reason sorting out behaviour would be one of them and also and more importantly it would encourage more people to vote, one way or another.

Most people on the Wigan Evening Post are in favour of this and I have included a link below so you can see the article and also the comments of the public.

After all Wigan has the most CCTV cameras in per square foot in the the Town Centre but done in the Council Camber. Like many of the comments on the Evening Post web site. If Labour and the Tories do not want this what have they got to hide?

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