Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Another crossing needed !

After championing the campaign for a better crossing outside the Brockett Public House. A number of people have identifying dangerous crossings around Wigan

Another crossing which needs to have a crossing is in Scholes at the Salvation Army crossing over. A number of elderly people walk from Wigan up towards Hardybutts and Darlignton street areas. When they get to this busy crossing there is no safe crossing and you have to take your chances. A number of elderly people say that they know that they are not the quickest at crossing and if they try and cross between the traffic lights signal changes they do not have enough time.

I have taken this up with the Council and they say that the road is not busy enough for a crossing. I wonder if it was one of their parents that had to cross this road if they would still think the same way ?

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