Monday, 18 May 2009

Old Town Hall Site

Many will know that this sites needs cleaning up and something to be done with it. I have been involved with the developers for some time as they contacted me and complained about the Council and the lack of help they where giving to them to get this site developed. I looked into it and agreed.

The owners are looking to get the site cleaned up and then sort the planning permission sorted out for a new hotel to be put on the site. The plan is for the developers of the new joint service centre will use the site for storage etc and fence the site off plus clean it up for two years. Once that has complete the planning permission for the new hotel should be through and then they can get the Hotel started to be built.

What amazes me in this site is the fact for years the Council have been complaining about the site and the developers wanted to get it developed but getting no help from the Council. I wonder why?

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