Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Labour Candidate cheats again !

Labour Candidate George Davies found out that there is a large number of people in Bottling Wood are against the new proposed dam he did not know what to do as Labour are in favour of this project. He then found out about a petition with over 400 names on it. He asked the lady who who had collected the names if he could borrow the petition as he was going in the paper with campaign, she agreed. He then said he would, if she wanted to pass the petition on to Deputy Labour Leader Cllr David Molyneux.

When the lady in question saw the paper article she was horrifed that the story had been twisted to say that these 400 names wanted new steps to the woods and that the Environment Agency, who are building the dam, should pay for them.

She rang George Davies with her disgust and to ask for her petition back. He has never returned her calls. The lady found out about the work I was doing about trying to get this dam stopped and asked me to get involved. She asked if I could find out if the petition is in the Council, I found out it is not, and she asked me to try and get this back. After a call from me to the Cllr David Molyneux to tell him about George Davies actions he said he would try and sort it out. Within hours a letter was pushed through the Lady's door to say he had passed the petition to the Planning Dept. It had not as I had asked the planning Dept.

It is clear this lady has been tricked and this should never happen and as a candidate he can get away with all these kinds of tricks. Does nothing to me but people that trick people put the whole politics arena in question. We are not all like that ! All George Davies wanted was his picture in the paper and at any cost to the general public and at the expense of this lady's hard work. He should be ashamed of himself.

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