Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Driving me mad !

One thing that drives me mad is political correctness going mad. One area that does it for me of tipping me over the edge is when Labour say we are all equal and we should treat it that way. Then say areas like Platt Bridge are areas of deprivation, which may be the case, so we have to give them more money than people in Whitley, Standish and Shevinton etc.

One of the things at the moment is for getting people to go to the gym more for example in the areas of deprivation. Labour argument is people in Whitley and Standish etc can afford it themselves and they can just go and do it. I argue against this as the people in these areas work just as hard as any one. Working long hours miles away from home. I know people in these areas working in North and West Yorkshire and travel there and back each day. That is some travelling. They simply just cannot drive for two hours and then say I think I will go to the gym.

People of all areas should be treated equally and money taken out of areas like Whitley, Standish etc should have their share of the money that they put in.

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