Monday, 1 June 2009

House Demolished

Last Week two houses on Wigan Lane were demolished. These houses had been empty for some years and had been given permission to be knocked down to make way for flats. However shortly after that Wigan Council put the area into a conservation area. This now meant the they could not knock down the houses without permission.

The previous owner was obviously frustrated by this and sold the houses and the new owner has now just knocked the houses down. I have written to to the Council and said that I am sick of these people that do work, that is not allowed, at the Weekend, knowing that the Council is shut. This is underhanded and I have therefore asked the Council to make an example of this person and go for the full hit an hit him with the maximum penalty and if he has any more applications in we refuse to work with him on the grounds of un trust worthiness or lack of it.

I have confirmation the legal department at Wigan Council are now looking into this and will get back to me once they have more news on this.

No one is above the law or the planning regulations. It is not often I agree with the planning department but on this occasion we need to send out a strong message.

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