Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Developer shows disregard for area

Developers have shown some high disregard over the years in Wigan over recent years but now a developer is showing more of a high disregard in one of it's developments on Wigan Road. As many of you know Wigan Road near Boars Head has been destroyed over the last few years with many developers buying the larger properties of Wigan only to knock them down to build flats. When they start the building work the developers normally screen the developments of. These have often been of plain white boards or they might have pictures of the new design that is currently being built on that site.

But now in Wigan Road a developer has screened their site off with bright pink plain boards. Not only are these boards hideous but they are unwelcome. I have written to the Council over this matter and to see what can be done in this area.

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